Preparing for Arrival

Preparing for your arrival in the United States

The latest date you can enter the US to attend Dowling College is the first day of the semester in which you start your studies.

If you cannot arrive in the US by this date, contact us in advance at as we may be able to help you. If you need to defer your admission to the next semester, you must please do so in writing. You will require a new I-20 and you will need to send again all your financial documents (dated within 6 months of the new start date). We can then send you your new I-20, and a new letter of admission when you have been accepted for the next semester.

You should have your form I-20 and original financial documentation sealed in an envelope marked: “For presentation at port-of-entry”.

On the plane, you should complete the form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record.

At the port-of-entry, you should show the immigration inspector your passport with valid visa, and the sealed envelope containing the form I-20 and financial documentation.