Maintaining Lawful F-1 Status

International Students
Maintaining Lawful F-1 Status

Important, please read, YOU are responsible for this information!

Passport – Must be valid at all times and at least 6 months into the future when traveling.

F-1 Visa – Permission for you to enter the United States, OK if you let it expire, but If you need to travel it must be renewed before you re-enter the U.S.

I-94 Card – A very important document, stamped with the date you entered the U.S. and were given your status. This card also specifies your expiration date; most will say “D/S” Duration of Status, meaning you are permitted to stay here as long as you are maintaining F-1 student status. PLEASE KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE, if you lose this card, you must file form I-102 with USCIS to get a replacement, there is a fee. If you travel outside of the United States, you give up this card and receive a new one when you re-enter.

Form I-20 – This document is your certificate of eligibility and is used to request your student visa. It contains all of the basic but important, details: your biographical data, program information, financial information, authorization details (employment, reduced course load and travel). KEEP THE ORIGINALS OF ALL I-20’s YOU ARE ISSUED, you WILL need them later on.BEFORE you leave the United States for vacation or other reasons, you MUST bring your I-20 to the International Students Services Office to be signed.  This will authorize you to return to the U.S. later.

*Always carry proof that you are legal and have permission to be in the United States for the duration of your stay, especially if traveling near border countries.

Maintaining F-1 Status
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