Important Information About Your I-20

Important information about your I-20

You are required by the USCIS to attend the College whose I-20 you use to enter the US. Do not use the I-20 form of another college to enter the US if you plan to study at Dowling College.

You must contact our office for a new I-20 if: a) you change your major, b) you pursue another level of education at Dowling, c) your expiration date is approaching on your I-20 and your program is not yet complete, d) if your form I-20 is lost or stolen, or e) you fail to maintain status and need to apply for reinstatement. For several of these “issue reasons” you will need to supply new financial documentation. Please contact International Student and Scholar Services for more information.

F-2 dependents will be issued separate I-20s in SEVIS. F-2 dependents may not accept employment. An F-2 spouse may not engage in degree-seeking programs on either a part-time or full-time basis, unless status is changed to F-1. F-2 spouses are permitted to engage in part-time or “a vocational or recreational” study as defined by USCIS. F-2 children may attend full time at the elementary or secondary level of schooling only.