Financial Aid

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Since 1969, over 30,000 graduates have advanced their career using the education received from Dowling College?

A Quality Education Made Affordable

Dowling College offers a quality educational experience with the benefit of making your education affordable. Our mission is to provide students and their families with the financial aid resources necessary to achieve their academic goals. Our professional Financial Aid Associates will meet with you to review your specific needs and help you identify financing options available through institutional, federal, state, and private sources and guide you through the application procedures.  At Dowling, our tradition has always been to bring a high-quality education within the financial reach of all students.

Academic Scholarships

Dowling College offers a variety of scholarships, grants, and campus employment to help students fund their education. We automatically review all freshman applicants for any institutional aid they might be eligible for. SAT scores are not considered when awarding scholarships.

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Athletic Scholarships

Scholarships are available in all athletic programs. The level of award is determined by the athletic director and coach for each sport. Students must meet and maintain NCAA standards to be eligible to receive athletic aid. Interested students must contact the Athletics department.


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