Admissions Counselors


Amy LeBlanc
Director of Admissions
Office: 631-244-3152
Cell: 631-316-0800

I’m the Director of Admissions at Dowling College.  I run the Dowling Admissions Office and off campus recruitment.  My past Admissions work experience has been at colleges in the Northeast at both the undergraduate and graduate level.   I am originally from Boston, so if you are looking for an outsider’s perspective and advice about why coming to Dowling is a great idea, come visit me!

lisa-phillipsLisa Phillips
Associate Director of Admissions
Office:  (631) 244-1183
Cell:  (631) 707-0047

I am one of the Associate Director of Admissions. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree with a concentration in Business Management from Dowling.  I’ve been with Dowling for twelve years so I know the college extremely well. Previous experience in Human Resources Management/Recruitment, Leadership and Employee Training has been a significant asset to my work in the Admissions Department, and as an Admissions professional, I have a passion for helping students and families find the Dowling degree program that is exactly right for them.  I enjoy being the student’s adviser throughout the admission process and hope you will be become one of my Admissions advisees!


Andrea Mauro
Associate Director of Admissions
Office: (631) 244-3130


I’m one of the Associate Directors of the Dowling Admissions office and I’m responsible for in-house recruitment, the advisement and registration of new incoming freshmen and transfer students, and the coordination of undergraduate recruitment events. I’m also the person who evaluates transfer credit, so please see me if you want to know how many of your courses at other institutes will count towards your Dowling degree. 

alexandrineribasAlexandrine Ribas
Admissions Counselor, International
Office: (631) 244-3165
Cell: (631) 244-9118

I’m an Admissions Counselor at Dowling College, as well as a recent Dowling Alumna. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. I work with the international population, so if you are an international student or would like insight to what it is like to be a student at Dowling, I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!