Professional Pilot

Professional Pilot Minor

AER 2021N Elements of Instrument Flying 3
AER 2120N Advanced Operating Procedures and Regulations for Commercial Pilots 3
AER 2111N Crew Resource Management 3
AER 3121N Air Carrier Navigation 3
AER 3122N Air Carrier Aircraft Systems 3
AER 2061N Flight Lab ~ Private Pilot (certificate)
AER 3062N Flight Lab ~ Commercial (certificate)
AER 3063N Flight Lab ~ Instrument (rating)
AER 4065N Flight Lab ~ Multi-Engine (rating)

Total credits 15
Note: (1) For professional pilots, this replaces electives in the Aerospace Systems Technology and Aviation Management Degree Programs. (2) Fees for flight training are in addition to tuition and are found in the “Financial Information” section of the catalog.