The Business Core

The Business Core

The primary purpose of the undergraduate business core is to provide students with a solid foundation in each of the functional areas of business, including accounting, computer information systems, finance, management and marketing. The goal of our undergraduate business core requirements is to foster a learning environment that emphasizes the improtance of enhancing each student’s ability to (a) communicate effectively, both orally and in writing within diverse professional settings, (b) participate in team-based projects to build leadership skills while gaining a respect for diversity within a global economy, (c) apply critical, logical and analytic reasoning to problem-based assignments to make more informed decisions, (d) reflect and assess the ethical values and social contributions of oneself (and others) while gaining an appreciation for life-long learning, and (e) use technology as a tool for learning, research and communication while participating in a knowledge-based learning community.

The Business Core consists of the following courses:

ACC 2001 Introduction to Financial Accounting I 3
ACC 2002 Introduction to Financial Accounting II 3
CIS 1200 Introduction to Information Systems Management 3
FIN 3087 Principles of Finance 3
MGT 1011 Introduction to Management Theory and Practice 3
MKT 1033 Essentials of Marketing in the 21st Century 3
MGT 2077A Business Law I 3

Total: 21

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