B.S. in Professional and Liberal Studies

B.S. in Professional and Liberal Studies

(HEGIS 4901)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math, and social sciences. These are the classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world. Dowling’s Professional and Liberal Studies program is designed for associate degree holders with a technical or professional orientation. Career counseling and personalized advisement are an integral part of the BSPLS degree.

Career Outcomes for Professional and Liberal Studies Majors

Dowling’s professional and liberal studies degree prepares you for a leadership position or advancement in your profession of choice.

Students who plan to pursue an Occupational Therapy graduate program should follow the recommended course sequence below.

Students who wish to be certified to teach Business and Marketing in grades 5-12 must take 21 credits of the Business Core as follows: ECN 1001A and 2002A, ACC 2001N and 2002N, FIN 3087N, CIS 1200N, MGT 2077A and MKT 1033N. They must take 15 additional credits in Finance and Management as follows: FIN 3092N, MGT 1011N, 2073N and 2075N, and other Education and Psychology courses that qualify them for middle childhood or adolescence certification. Completion of this program may require more than 120 credits of course work.

Major Requirements (Liberal Arts)* 60 credits

English/Philosophy/Foreign Language 15
Science 6

Electives (Liberal Arts and Non-Liberal Arts) 60 credits
Total: 120 credits

*Note: Core Requirement (two sequences and Senior Seminar [15 credits]) and College-Wide Requirements (ENG 1001A [3 credits] and MTH (other than MTH 0001A) [3 credits]) must be taken as part of the required Liberal Arts credits.


Pre-Occupational Therapy Recommended Course Sequence:  Occupational Therapy is one of the fastest growing careers in the country, requiring a Master’s degree and professional licensing to being practice.    Students who follow the Pre-Occupational Therapy course sequence will receive all the necessary training to meet the requirements to competitively apply for any Occupational Therapy Masters/Licensing programs on Long Island.

English/Philosophy/Foreign Language: 3 of the requisite 15 credits should include an English literature elective.

HST/POL/ECN/PSY/SOC/ANT: 12 of the 18 credits should include:

PSY 1001A Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 2015A Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 3140A Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC 1001A Social Processes 3

MTH: The two math courses should be:

MTH 1006A Statistics 3
MTH 1014A Pre-calculus 4

Any necessary pre-requisites should count towards general electives.

Science:  The six science credits, as well as 24 of the 60 general elective credits, should be used towards the following courses:

BIO 1001A Introduction to Biology I 3
BIO 1002A Introduction to Biology II 3
BIO 1003A Introduction to Biology Laboratory I 1
BIO 1004A Introduction to Biology Laboratory II 1
BIO 3139A Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 3140A Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 4197N Biology & Health Science Co-op Ed. Internship 3
BIO 4198N Biology & Health Science Co-op Ed. Internship 3
CHM 1001C General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1002C General Chemistry II 3
PHY 1001C General Physics I 3
PHY 1003C General Physics I Laboratory 1

General Electives:  24 of the 60 elective credits should be used on the above science courses.

1 credit of general elective credit will be used on Mth 1014A

SMP 1033N First Aid and Safety 3

Students interested in preparing for Occupational Therapy will be left with  22 credits of free general electives.

To find out more about Dowling’s Professional and Liberal Studies program please contact Dr. Cunha at 631-244-3129 or cunhac@dowling.edu