B.S. in Environmental Sciences

B.S. in Environmental Sciences

(HEGIS 0420)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math, and social sciences. These are the classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world. Our Environmental Sciences degree was designed based on the belief that environmental issues are societal issues; consequently, its required courses will be drawn from natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. In this program, students will gain an understanding of the impact of science and technology on society and explore solutions to environmental problems and issues. Students will learn how to define environmental problems, gather information, and organize and interpret data. Rigorous scientific investigation, monitoring, and mitigating will be stressed through a strong field research component.

Career Outcomes for Environmental Sciences Majors

Dowling’s Environmental Sciences degree will prepare you for diverse careers in environmental protection, remediation and restoration, including conservationist, urban and regional planner, and agricultural scientist, and others. Broad training, technical and analytical skills will qualify you for rewarding positions as an environmental consultant, analyst, or scientist in the non-profit, public, or private sectors.

College-Wide Requirements 6 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 62 credits

BIO 1001A Introduction to Biology I 3
BIO 1002A Introduction to Biology II 3
BIO 1003A Introduction to Biology I Lab 1
BIO 1004A Introduction to Biology II Lab 1
BIO 1009C Biodiversity & Conservation Biology 3
BIO 2071A Ecology 4
CHM 1001C General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1002C General Chemistry II 3
CHM 1003C General Chemistry I Lab 1
CHM 1004C General Chemistry II Lab 1
CHM 3025A Organic Chemistry I 3
CHM 3027A Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
CHM 3037A Analytical Chemistry Lab 1
ESC/CHM 2071A Environmental Pollution I 4
ESC/CHM 3072A Environmental Pollution II 4
CHM 4187A Environmental Chemistry 3
ESC 2027C Geology I 4
ESC 2028A Geology II 4
ESC 1062C Geographic Information Systems 3
ESC 2084C Environmental Law 3
ESC 2085C Environmental Investigations and Operations 3
MTH 1006A Statistics 3
MTH 1014A Pre-Calculus 3

Electives 29 credits
Total: 122 credits

To find out more about Dowling’s Environmental Science program please contact Dr. Smirnov at 631-244-1178 or asmirnov@dowling.edu