B.S. Criminal Justice Management

Dowling College’s B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Management

At a Glance: B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Management at Dowling College

  • 120-credit program designed to prepare future and present criminal justice professionals for employment or advancement in the field.
  • Emphasizes current technology use, necessary communication skills, and recent trends in the various disciplines that encompass the criminal justice professional.
  • Designed in consultation with the Dowling College Criminal Justice Management Advisory Board, made up of representatives from Homeland Security, the FBI, the Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments, the New York City Police Department, as well as private sector security.

Learn from People You Aspire to Be
Our expert program faculty include current and former FBI agents, police commissioners, Homeland Security experts, judges, border patrol agents, crime scene investigators, and other leaders with practical industry experience.

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Unique Elective Courses

Stay up-to-date on the modern trends and recent advances in the criminal justice field with these specialized course offerings.

Crime and Intelligence Analysis

Learn about software packages such as ArcView and CrimeStat that are used by state and federal agencies to identify crime trends and patterns in order to make strategic and tactical decisions

Homeland Security

Explore topics such as domestic security, emergency preparedness, technology policy, interagency cooperation, and acquiring and utilizing timely intelligence at the local and state federal level.

Corrections and Detention Systems and Practices

Gain an understanding of the corrections and detention system, including alternatives to correction, historical development and theories of detention and correction, special needs of offenders, rehabilitation, probation, parole, community service, and the relationship between corrections and other aspects of the criminal justice system.

Criminal Profiling

Learn how law enforcement professionals generate a psychological description of an offender—the importance of the crime scene as a reflection of the criminal’s personality, the significance of victimology, the use of profiling in court proceedings, and the interpretation of evidence.

Intelligence Led Policing

Discover methods of strategic law enforcement decision-making that emphasize the use of information to prioritize and implement policies and strategies that efficiently and preemptively prevent crime through organizational tasking.

Degree Requirements

Major Requirements (48 Credits)
    • CIS 1200 Introduction to Information Systems Management
    • CJM/MGT 2100N Current Issues in Criminal Justice
    • CJM/NGT 2110N Introduction to Criminal Justice Forensics
    • CJM/MGT 2150N Communication Skills for Criminal Justice OR
    • SPH 1004A Fundamentals of Speech
    • CJM/MGT 2500N Statistics and Research for Criminal Justice
    • CJM 4195 Criminal Justice Management Internship
    • MGT 1011N Introduction to Management Theory and PracticeOR
    • MGT 2075N Human Resource Management
  • MGT 3146 Organizational Behavior
    • PHL 1042C Ethics
    • POL 3131A Constitutional Law
    • PSY 1001A Introduction to Psychology
    • SOC 1001A Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 2120A Criminology


Elective Courses (Choose 3)
    • CJM3010N Crime and Intelligence Analysis
    • CJM 3020N Homeland Security
    • CJM 3030N Corrections and Detention Systems and Practices
    • CJM 3050N Criminal Profiling
    • CJM 3060N Intelligence Led Policing
  • CJM 4196N Criminal Justice Management Internship
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In addition, students must complete the college-wide requirements, core curriculum, and general electives.


Diverse Career Outcomes

The Criminal Justice Management degree at Dowling College is designed to prepare future and present professionals in the Criminal Justice field.

Specific career opportunities include:

  • Law enforcement officer
  • Sheriff
  • Detective
  • Court administrator
  • Probation officer
  • Public defender
  • Public defender’s assistant
  • Policy analyst
  • Prosecuting attorney
  • Corrections officer
  • Drug/alcohol counselor
  • Parole officer
  • Job placement counselor
  • Halfway house administrator
  • Juvenile caseworker

…and many more!

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