B.A. in Political Science

B.A. in Political Science

(HEGIS 2207)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math, and social sciences. These are the classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world. Dowling’s political science degree is designed to offer a thorough background in the discipline, including an understanding of American politics and public policy, political theory, world politics and comparative politics, and a working knowledge of political principles.

Career Outcomes for Political Science Majors

Besides the obvious careers in politics, Dowling’s political science degree prepares you for diverse careers in law, administration, civil service, education, public policy, social sciences, nongovernmental organizations, journalism, law enforcement, the military, and business.  The communications, writing, research, analytical, and problem-solving skills acquired through the major are valuable in almost any profession.

Students seeking certification to teach Social Studies at the secondary level must consult an education advisor.

College-Wide Requirements 9 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 36 credits

POL 1011C American Government and Politics 3
POL 2021C World Politics or
POL 2022C Comparative Politics 3
PSY 3170A Statistics for Psychological Research 3
POL 4195N Internship in State Government or
POL 4196N4198N Internship in Political Science 3

One intermediate level course from each of the following three fields: 9 credits

Field One: 3 credits

POL 3111A State and Local Politics 3
POL 3112A Public Policy and Administration 3
POL 3113A Political Parties and Elections 3
POL 3114A The Presidency 3
POL 3115A Congress 3

Field Two: 3 credits

POL 3124A West European Politics 3
POL 3125C American Foreign Policy 3
POL 3127A Russian Government and Politics 3
POL 3128A Third World Politics 3
POL 3129C Politics of the Middle East 3

Field Three: 3 credits

POL 3130C Civil Liberties 3
POL 3131A Introduction to Constitutional Law 3

And choose two of the following: 6 credits

POL 4181A Seminar on the United Nations or 3
POL 4182A Seminar on American Politics or 3
POL 4183A Politics of Latin America or 3
POL 4184A Seminar on Political Theory 3

Choose three (3) elective Political Science courses (any number)* 9 credits

Minor Requirements 18 credits
Electives** 24 credits
Total: 120 credits

It is strongly recommended that all majors considering graduate school take one of the following three credit courses:

PSY 3171A Psychological Methods and Research Design
SOC 3021A Research Methods
ECN 4136A Introduction to Applied Econometrics (Prerequisites: ECN 2002A, and ECN 2036A or MTH 1006A)

*Students pursuing Internships or Cooperative Education in Political Science may not apply more than six of these credits toward Political Science elective credits (the remaining credits will be applied toward college elective credits).

**Recommended Courses: We strongly encourage students to develop Intermediate-level competency in a foreign language (six college credits at the introductory and six college credits at the intermediate level or inter-mediate level equivalency examination results).

We also encourage political science majors to take a broad selection of other social science courses (psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and history) to enhance their major program. Students are encouraged to discuss appropriate course selections with their advisor.

Departmental Honors in Political Science:  A Departmental Honors Project is available to students in this program in their senior year (90 or more credits completed). The successful completion of both POL 4291A and POL 4292A requires substantial original research and analysis.  POL 4291A and POL 4292A should be taken within a single academic year.

To find out more about Dowling’s Political Science program please contact Dr. Cunha at 631-244-3129 or cunhac@dowling.edu