B.A. in Mathematics

B.A. in Mathematics

(HEGIS 1701)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are built on a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, mathematics and social sciences. These are the classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world.

Students seeking certification to teach Mathematics at the secondary level must consult an education advisor.

Career Outcomes for Mathematics Majors

Your Dowling mathematics degree prepares you for exciting career options including those of mathematician, operations research analyst, budget officer, computer programmer, systems analyst, financial analyst, mathematics teacher, and others.

College-Wide Requirements 6 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Mathematics Required Courses 36 credits

CSC 1009N An Introduction to Spreadsheets and Visual Basic for Applications 3
MTH 1017A Discrete Mathematics 3
MTH 1021A Calculus I 4
MTH 1022A Calculus II 4
MTH 2023A Calculus III 4
MTH 2103A Linear Algebra 3
MTH 2121A Differential Equations 3
MTH 3111A Probability and Mathematical Statistics 3
MTH 4109A Abstract Algebra 3
MTH 4131A Advanced Calculus 3
MTH 4171A College Geometry 3

Electives 45 credits

Total: 120 credits

Students may seek advanced placement by having their academic history reviewed by the Mathematics and Computer Science Department Chair.

To find out more about Dowling’s mathematics program please contact Dr. Vargas at 631-244-3175 or vargasj@dowling.edu