B.A. in Marine Studies

B.A. in Marine Studies

(HEGIS 0418)

The program in Marine Studies enables a student to combine study in the marine sciences with study in another field, such as business, government, or education, of the student’s own choosing. The purpose is to provide students with a broad knowledge of the world’s waters and their importance — with special attention being given to Long Island’s marine environment — while at the same time equipping them to assume responsibility for the administration and management of our global marine resources.

College-Wide Requirements 6 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 56 credits

BIO 1001A Introduction to Biology I 3
BIO 1002A Introduction to Biology II 3
BIO 1003A Introduction to Biology Lab I 1
BIO 1004A Introduction to Biology Lab II 1
CHM 1001A General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1002A General Chemistry II 3
CHM 1003A General Chemistry Lab I 1
CHM 1004A General Chemistry Lab II 1
CSC 1023N Introduction to Computer Science 3
ESC 1062A Geographic Information Systems 3
MSC/ESC 1006A Elements of Oceanography 3
MSC/ESC 1007A Marine Oceanography Laboratory 1
MSC/CHM 2074A Chemical Oceanography 4
MSC/PHY 2106A Physical Oceanography 4
MSC 2131A Coastal Oceanography 4
MSC/BIO 3055A Marine Biology 4
MTH 1006A Statistics 3
MTH 1014A Pre-Calculus 3
PHY 1001A General Physics I 3
PHY 1002A General Physics II 3
PHY 1003A General Physics Lab I 1
PHY 1004A General Physics Lab II 1

Minor/Electives Requirements 25 credits
Total: 120 credits

Note: Students majoring in Marine Studies are not required to complete a minor.