B.A. in Humanities

B.A. in Humanities

(HEGIS 4903)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math, and social sciences. These are the classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world. Your humanities degree will provide you with a broad and balanced knowledge of literature and culture. Students will graduate with an ability to write and speak clearly and reason critically. They will also gain a strong familiarity with English literature, and with foreign languages and culture.

Career Outcomes for Humanities Majors

Your Dowling humanities degree will prepare you for diverse careers in business, education, and government, in public or private organizations. Your critical thinking, communicative ability, and educated perspective will qualify you for exciting work in a broad spectrum of positions in education, the creative arts, politics, law, business, human services, library science, and more.

B.A. in Humanities

College-Wide Requirements 9 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 15 credits

HUM 2003A Renaissance: New Worlds for the West 3
HUM 4170A Capstone Seminar in the Humanities 3
Foreign Language Three courses in the same language, other than American Sign Language 9

Select Seven Courses from at least three disciplines from the list below – 21 credits

DRM 1003A Introduction to Theater 3
DRM 1026A The Theaters of Asia 3
DRM 1131A Theater in New York City 3
DRM 2004A Theater in the United States 3
DRM 2131A Theatre in England 3
DRM 4180-4189A Special Topics in Drama 3


ENG 3103A Comedies and Histories of Shakespeare or
ENG 3104A Tragedies of Shakespeare 3
ENG 3106A Eighteenth Century English Literature 3
ENG 3109A English Romantic Movement I 3
ENG 3111A Early British Novel 3


FRN 3131A French Literature through the Renaissance 3
FRN 3132A Life and the Arts in Ancient Regime France 3
FRN 3133A French Literature of the Nineteenth Century 3


ITL 4143A The Age of Dante 3
ITL 4144A Boccaccio’s Decameron 3


MED 1039A Introduction to the Film 3
MED 2041A The Films and Telefilms of Alfred Hitchcock 3
MED 3040A Modern World Cinema 3


MUS 1004A Survey of Piano Literature 3
MUS 1005A Survey of Symphony 3
MUS 1006A Survey of Contemporary Music 3
MUS 1007A Survey of Opera 3
MUS 1009A Beethoven 3
MUS 1011A Survey of Vocal Literature 3
MUS 1012A Survey of Instrumental Literature 3


PHL 1025A The Philosophy of Death and Dying 3
PHL/HUM 1026A Eastern Philosophy 3
PHL 2060A Ancient Philosophy 3
PHL 2061A Modern Philosophy 3
PHL 4124A Existentialism 3
PHL 4125A Twentieth-Century Philosophy 3


REL/HUM 1010A World Religions 3
REL 1028A Ancient Judaism 3
REL 1029A Ancient Christianity 3
REL/HUM 4113A Greek and Roman Mythology and Ritual 3


SPN 3101A Hispanic Literature I 3
SPN 4131A Spanish Golden Age 3


VIS 2054A Modern Art 3
VIS 2055A History of Architecture 3
VIS 2061A Life Drawing 3
VIS 2112A Italian Renaissance Art 3
VIS 2117A On-Site Drawing 3
VIS 2118A Baroque and Rococo 3
VIS 4183-4189 Special Topics in Visual Arts 3

Minor Requirements 18 credits
Electives 24 credits
Total: 120 credits