B.A. in Gerontology

B.A. in Gerontology

(HEGIS 2299.10)

Dowling’s Gerontology program offers students a rich educational experience in the field of aging from a multi-disciplinary perspective with a liberal arts foundation. Courses about the elderly focus on the social, psychological, and health issues of this population. Interpersonal and research skills are developed in order to prepare students for graduate school and for entry level jobs working with senior citizens in a variety of settings. Fieldwork is a required component of the degree. The focus will emphasize the development of critical, analytical and integrative thinking skills supplemented by professional practice skills. Students will help develop programs in health promotion, among other topics, in community agencies, retirement communities, and senior recreational groups; provide direct care to frail, ill, or impaired older people in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, adult day care, or home programs; counsel older people and their families about issues of caregiving, employment, death and dying, and mental health; and, act as liaison and advocate for the elderly to agencies providing medical, social service, insurance, and financial advice about estate planning, financing long-term care, and housing options.

Career Outcomes for Gerontology Majors

The gerontology bachelor of arts degree gives students flexibility to pursue varied career goals. It prepares students for employment in federal, state and local government agencies; health care and long-term care institutions; community, human service and religious organizations; retirement communities; public policy organizations; business and industry; and research and education settings. Upon the completion of this degree, students can continue their education at the graduate level in health care administration, business, gerontology, policy studies, psychology, sociology, and social work.

College-Wide Requirements 9 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 45 credits
Introductory Courses 12 credits

GER/SOC 1003A Introduction to Gerontology 3
PSY 1001A General Psychology I 3
SOC 1001A Introduction to Sociology I 3
SWK 1010N Introduction to Social Work 3

Gerontology Coursework 21 credits

PSY 2017A Psychology of Aging 3
SOC 2116A Sociology of Aging 3
SOC 2129C Healthcare in the U.S. 3
GER/SOC 2130A Global Health Systems: Social Approach  or
SWK 2115N Social Welfare Policy 3
GER/SWK 3116N Gerontology: Legal and Financial Issues 3
SMP 2061N Wellness, Exercise and Older Adults 3
SMP 2062N Nutrition and the Aging Adult 3

Research and Practica Coursework 12 credits

SOC 3021A Research Methods 4
SWK 4195N Practicum in Social Work I 4
SWK 4196N Practicum in Social Work II 4

Minor/Elective Requirements 33 credits

Total: 122 credits

Note: A minor is not required for this degree.

To find out more about Dowling’s Gerontology program please contact Dr. Bleiberg at 631-244-3127 or bleibers@dowling.edu