B.A. in Earth Science

B.A. in Earth Science

(HEGIS 1917)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are all constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math, and social sciences. The Earth Science degree provides students with an enhanced ability to analyze, inquire into, and design solutions to the myriad concerns affecting our global environment. Students will better understand the dynamic changes of the earth, from out space to inner space, through coursework in meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, and geology. Students take a hands-on approach in applying the scientific methods and principles learned in the classroom with laboratory experiments and field studies at local mainland beaches.

Career Outcomes for Earth Science Majors
Dowling’s Earth Science degree will prepare you for diverse careers in the physical sciences. The degree can also be applied to the requirements for teacher certification in Earth Science. Exciting career options include those of environmental and resource analyst, regional or city planner, science editor, park naturalist, oceanographer, water resource specialist and others.
Students seeking certification to teach Earth Science at the secondary level must consult an education advisor.

College-Wide Requirements 6 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 50 credits

CHM 1001C General Chemistry I 3
CHM 1002C General Chemistry II 3
CHM 1003C General Chemistry Lab I 1
CHM 1004C General Chemistry Lab II 1
ESC 2006C Elements of Oceanography 3
ESC 2010C Elements of Meteorology 3
ESC 2021C Planetary Astronomy 3
ESC 2022A Stellar and Galactic Astronomy 3
ESC 2027C Geology I 4
ESC 2028A Geology II 4
ESC 1062C Geographic Information Systems 3
ESC/CHM 2071A Environmental Pollution I 4
ESC/CHM 3072A Environmental Pollution II 4
ESC 41814189A Special Topics in Earth Science 3
MTH 1006A Statistics or
CSC 1009N Introduction to Spreadsheets & Data Analysis 3
MTH 1014A Pre-Calculus 3

Minor Requirements 18 credits
Electives 13 credits
Total: 120 credits

To find out more about Dowling’s Earth Science program please contact Dr. Smirnov at 631-244-1178 or asmirnov@dowling.edu