B.S. in Applied Mathematics

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

(HEGIS 1703)

The B.S. in Applied Mathematics is intended to provide students with an outstanding quantitative foundation. The degree prepares students for employment in industries that require strong analytical skills, including but not limited to, engineering, economic analysis, pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, aviation and scientific computer programming. The program also does an outstanding job in preparing students for graduate study in mathematics, both pure and applied.

The B.S. in Applied Mathematics major requirements consist of 39 credits. Each student must then choose one of the four tracks consisting of 24 credits: Computational Mathematics, Aviation Science, Mathematical Economics or Bioengineering, for a total of 63 credits.

B.S. in Applied Mathematics – College-Wide Requirements 6 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 39 credits

CSC 1023N Introduction to Computer Science 3
CSC 1024N Introduction to Computer Programming 3
CSC 2025A Data Structures 3
MTH 1017A Discrete Mathematics 3
MTH 1021A Calculus I 4
MTH 1022A Calculus II 4
MTH 2023A Calculus III 4
MTH 2103A Linear Algebra 3
MTH 2121A Differential Equations 3
MTH 3107A Vector Analysis 3
MTH 3111A Probability and Mathematical Statistics 3
MTH 4172A Complex Variables 3

Track Requirements 24 credits
Computer Mathematics Track

CSC 2078N Computer Graphics 3
CSC 3171A Algorithms 3
CSC 3174A Visualization 3
MTH 2101A Network Flows 3
MTH 3140A Numerical Analysis I 3
MTH 4140A Numerical Analysis II 3

Two elective CSC, CHM, ESC or MTH courses (with advisor approval)       6

Aviation Science Track

AER 1001N General Aeronautics 3
AER 3101N Aerodynamics 3
AER 4104A Performance of Flight 3
PHY 1001A General Physics I 3
PHY 1002A General Physics II 3
PHY 1003A General Physics Laboratory I 1
PHY 1004A General Physics Laboratory II 1
PHY 2025A Physics of Flight 3
MTH 4191A Independent Study 1

One elective AER (Aeronautics) course numbered 3000 or higher       3

Mathematical Economics Track

ECN 1001N Introductory to Macroeconomics 3
ECN 2002N Introductory to Microeconomics 3
ECN 2036A Economic Statistics 3
ECN 3171A Intermediate Microeconomics 3
ECN 3172A Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
ECN 4136A Introduction to Applied Economics 3
MTH 4131A Advanced Calculus 3

One elective AER (Aeronautics) course numbered 3000 or higher       3

Bioengineering Track

BIO 1001A Introduction to Biology I 3
BIO 1002A Introduction to Biology II 3
BIO 1003A Introduction to Biology Laboratory I 1
BIO 1004A Introduction to Biology Laboratory II 1
BIO 3081A Microbiology 4
BIO 3150A Genetics 4
BIO 3160A Introduction to Biotechnology 3
BIO 3200A Principles of Bioengineering 3
MTH 4191A Independent Study 2

General Electives 18 credits
Total: 120 credits