The Faculty

Christian Perring, Ph.D. in Philosophy (Princeton University)
Department Chair


Dr. Perring is Professor of Philosophy. His areas of research are in medical ethics, philosophy of psychiatry and medicine, and philosophy of psychology. He is working on a book on the moral responsibility of people with mental illnesses for their actions. He regularly teaches in the First Year Experience, the Core Program, a cross-listed course with Political Science in philosophy of law, and a cross-listed course with Psychology on philosophy of mental health; he has taught several graduate courses for students in Education. 

Robert Berchman, Ph.D. in Religious Studies (Brown University)


Dr. Berchman is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies. He has published ten books as author, translator, and editor, and has written over two hundred and twenty articles on the Platonic, Aristotelian, Patristic, and Continental philosophical traditions. His areas of specialty are metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of art. His most recent books include “Porphyry Against the Christians,” Brill Academic Publishers, Leiden: 2005 and [Co-Editor with John F. Finamore] of “Conversations Platonic and Neoplatonic: Intellect, Soul, Nature,” Academie Verlag, Hamburg/St Augustine: 2010. He is currently Editor of “Ancient Medieval Texts and Contexts,” Brill Academic Publishers, and Co-Editor of “Neoplatonica,” Academie Verlag. He has served as USA President of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies, International General Secretary of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies, and President of the Aristotelian Society Jannone. He has published five lengthy articles in Hellenistic-Roman philosophical ethics for anthologies published by Georgetown University Press, Templeton, Continuum, and University Press of America.

Adjunct Faculty
Christopher French, M.A.
Mario Garitta, Ph.D
Nolan Geiger, M.A.
Edyta Kuzian, M.A.
Jeffery Sackett, Ph.D

Emeritus Faculty
John D. Mullen, Ph.D.
Joan Boyle, Ph.D.”