B.A. in Philosophy

B.A. in Philosophy

Some people are drawn to philosophical study because they find it inherently fascinating. Other people become interested because they face difficult questions in their lives which only philosophical study can answer. Most people who enjoy thinking deeply about important issues agree that philosophy is one of the most rewarding fields of study. However, one of the first questions people have is what can they do with a philosophy major or minor after they have left college. The answer is that philosophy is in fact a very useful and practical area of study for many. The main reason for this is that philosophical study is one of the best possible trainings in

  • thinking clearly,
  • understanding complex sets of ideas,
  • formulating opinions about the truth or the best action when there is no clear answer,
  • articulating one’s view both orally and in writing,
  • showing the weaknesses in the ideas and reasoning of other people,
  • working collaboratively with others when dealing with complex information,
  • thinking creatively and independently.

People who have majored in philosophy perform extremely well in standardized tests such as GRE, GMAT and LSAT. People with philosophy majors typically go on to the following career paths:

  • administration/management – in such diverse areas as personnel; financial aid; or public relations. Employment settings might include college or university; prisons; hospitals; government agencies (county, state or federal); private companies
  • business – management, sales, consulting public relations, fund raising, systems analysis, advertising, banking
  • government – congressional staff member, federal agencies and bureaus, state and local governments, United Nations, foreign service, cultural affairs
  • insurance- agent, broker
  • journalism – reporter, critic (books, dance, film)
  • publishing/writing – sales, editing, management, freelance, technical writing for a company or government, script writer
  • pre-professional training – A philosophy major also provides excellent undergraduate preparation for law school, MBA programs, medical school and seminary:

If you are considering a major or minor in Philosophy at Dowling and you would like to talk it over with a faculty member, contact Professor Christian Perring, 631-244-3349 or email perringc@dowling.edu or any of our other faculty.