B.A. in Communication Arts

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B.A. in Communication Arts

(HEGIS 0601)

Dowling’s School of Arts and Sciences degree programs are constructed upon a well-rounded core curriculum of arts and humanities, natural science, math and social sciences. These are classic building blocks that ensure career versatility in an ever-changing world. The communication arts degree offers a broad curriculum encompassing tracks in media studies, dramatic arts, and speech communication to prepare students for exciting careers in the expanding field of communications.

Career Outcomes for Communication Arts Majors

Dowling’s communication arts degree offers three concentrations: speech communication, dramatic arts, and media studies. The concentration in dramatic arts prepares you for careers in acting, educational theatre, performance and other aspects of theatre. The concentration in media studies enables you to pursue careers in television, radio, film, or other media, be that in mass or new media. Finally, the concentration in speech communication prepares you for positions that require excellent public speaking skills such as politics, law, and business.

Students interested in pursuing this degree must complete: (1) a common 18-credit core of Communication Arts courses; (2) an 18-credit sequence of courses in one of the three tracks: Dramatic Arts, Media Studies, or Speech Communication.

Students seeking certification to teach Theatre at the secondary level must consult an education advisor.

College-Wide Requirements 9 credits
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 36 credits

MED 1001A Introduction to Mass Communication 3
SPH 1004C Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
ENG 2066A Newswriting and Reporting 3
DRM 1003A Introduction to Theater 3
SPH 4170A Seminar on Critical Issues in Communication 3
DRM/MED/SPH 4195 Internship in Communication 3

Students must also complete an 18-credit sequence in ONE of these tracks:

Media Studies

ENG 3170A Advanced News Preparation 3
ENG 2078A Writing for Television 3
ENG 2077A Film Writing 3
ENG 2076A Nonfiction Writing Workshop 3
MED 1039C Introduction to the Film 3
MED 1069A Video Fieldwork and Editing 3
MED/REL 2001C Religion in Film, Television & News Media 3
MED 2010A Horror Films: Art, History, Criticism 3
MED 2041A The Films and Telefilms of Alfred Hitchcock 3
MED 2069A Advanced Videography and Editing 3
MED 2150A New Media 3
MED 3040A Modern World Cinema 3
MED 3160A Entertainment and Media Law 3
MED 41804189A Special Topics in Media Studies 3
SOC 3176A Mass Media and Society 3
VIS 1023C Photography I 3

Speech Communication

DRM 1011A Oral Interpretation of Literature 3
DRM 1018A Improvisation 3
PHL 1005C Critical Thinking 3
SPH 1001A Voice and Articulation 3
SPH 2011A Public Speaking 3
SPH 2022A Interpersonal Communication 3
SPH 3013A Argumentation and Debate 3
SPH 3102A Group Communication 3
SPH 3162A Intercultural Communication 3
SPH 2106A Nonverbal Communication 3
SPH 41804189A Special Topics in Speech 3

Dramatic Arts

DAN 2011A Improvisational Dance and Composition 3
DAN 2015A Theatre Dance 3
DAN 2020C World Dance 3
DAN 41804189A Special Topics in Dance 3
DRM 1011A Oral Interpretation of Literature 3
DRM 1013A Acting I 3
DRM 1018A Improvisation 3
DRM 1117A Directing for the Stage 3
DRM 1121A Creative Dramatic Workshop 3
DRM 1131A Theatre in New York City 3
DRM 2004A Theatre in the United States 3
DRM 2014A Acting II 3
DRM 2131A Theatre in England 3
DRM 3160A Entertainment and Media Law 3
DRM 41804189A Special Topics in Drama 3
ENG 2075A Playwriting 3
SPH 1001A Voice and Articulation 3
SPH 2106A Nonverbal Communication 3

Minor Requirements 18 credits
Electives 24 credits
Total: 120 credits

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