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Dan Ryan, MBA

RyanDNever one to do things the easy way, I managed to accumulate several years of working experience in the Information Technology industry by the time I finally went back to finish my Bachelor’s degree in 2005. The experience of being back in school was something I found intellectually invigorating. Therefore, when I hit a plateau in my career after working in the same industry for 10 years, I decided that I needed to go back to school to obtain my MBA as a way to make myself more marketable in this competitive industry.

As a full-time employee, as well as a husband and a father of two, I worried that the demands of working toward an MBA would throw even more stress into my already hectic schedule. Then, I heard about Dowling’s accelerated MBA program, where I could not only finish my MBA in 14 months, I would be with a cohort of other people seeking to achieve their MBAs, too. I loved the idea of getting involved in an MBA program that would feel like being part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals. I got exactly what I bargained for, and much more.

Fourteen months later, I found myself walking down the aisle of Nassau Coliseum to receive my MBA diploma. Not only do I now have that MBA, I also have a new group of lifelong friends and a network of people from diverse and interesting industries to call upon in the years to come. Furthermore, the instructors, professors, and administrators that I worked closely with during the MBA program are people that continue to advise and support me in my career.

Now as an alumni of Dowling’s MBA program, I can not stress strongly enough how beneficial it was to have been a part of this educational experience. Students are completely immersed in the program, which forces you to be intellectually and emotionally invested in getting good grades and being a proactive member of your cohort. As soon as I updated my resume with the MBA degree, calls and emails started coming in on a daily basis from a wide variety of employers. My job experience, combined with the understanding of business theory that I now have thanks to the MBA program, have enabled potential employers to see me as a much more diverse and well-rounded candidate.

I utilized my newfound credentials to obtain a job with a better title, increased responsibilities, and higher pay within a few months of graduating from Dowling. As I move forward with a new level of business acumen and an empowered sense of confidence, I know that I am, as one Dowling educator stated, “armed to the teeth” to go out and take on the challenges of the business world.

Dawn DiStefano, MBA

distefanoI had a fantastic experience at Dowling College. From the moment I signed up for the MBA program to the time that I graduated with my Masters in General Management, I could not have asked for anything more!

My advisor was very instrumental in my completing the program in a timely fashion. She was also very informative and personable which made Dowling my first choice when pursuing my MBA.

In addition, I cannot say enough about the Dowling faculty and staff. They were inspiring, courteous, and truly professional. They truly believe in creating long-lasting relationships with their students and continue to mentor them even after graduation.

I am proud to say that I recently returned to Dowling as an adjunct professor for School of Business.

It has truly been a great opportunity for me to have attended such a reputable college and I feel fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful institution!

Peter Match, MBA

matchMost of my career has been spent doing technical work. I had been thinking about business school since the time I graduated with my BSEE, but decided to pursue an MS degree instead. That decision served me well, but I still needed to fill in the blanks in my business acumen.

I found the Saturday MBA program at Dowling College attractive having evaluated many of the MBA programs on Long Island. The fact that I could complete my degree in 18 months and only attend on Saturday was a strong selling point allowing me to spend more time during the week with my children. Additionally the program came recommended by a former co-worker who completed the program several years before me.

As with any good education, the benefit is in giving you the tools to think about things in a new way. Dowling helped me with this tremendously. I was fortunate in that my career advancement paralleled my progress through the program and I was finding information I was learning in school to be relevant on almost a weekly basis.

During my last semester I was promoted to Director of Engineering at Ultravolt Inc., a small electronics manufacturer here on Long Island. While this has pushed me professionally in new directions, my Dowling experience has helped me to rise to the occasion.