School of Education Faculty Published Books

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  • Boys will Be Boys? Bridging the Great Gendered Literacy Divide (2014)

By:  Linda Bausch, Ed.D.

Content: This book addresses the issue of preadolescent boys literacy practices and the social construction of their identities as they navigate multiple classroom literacies. Exploring the role of the teacher, the role of multiple literacies and the way they “count” or do not count in the classroom curriculum through qualitative and quantitative findings, allows educators to rethink and reflect upon current instructional beliefs and practices.


  • The Hostile Environment: Students who Bully in School (to be released Dec 2014)

By:  Susan Carter, Ed.D.

Content: This book explores research on predictors and risk factors among students who chronically bully peers in school based on current research in psychiatry, criminology, social work, and education. Implications for schools and society at large are discussed.


  • We Can Do More With Less: Education Reform Can Work  (2012)

By: Thomas F. Kelly, Ph.D.

Content: This book offers a systemic analysis of how schools can improve student learning.

Manley designschsystems

  • Designing School Systems for All Students (2010)

By: Robert Manley, Ph.D. and Richard Hawkins, Ed.D.

Content: This book offers practical guidance to restructure and improve the learning environment for students in all schools.


  • Making the Common Core Standards Work: Using Professional Development to Build World-Class Schools  (2013)

By: Robert Manley, Ph.D. and Richard Hawkins, Ed.D.

Content: This book provides school leaders and teachers with the guidance they need to implement the common core standards effectively in their schools.


  • Leadership for a Global Economy: A Pathway to Sustainable Freedom  (2013)

By: Robert Manley, Ph.D., John F. Manley, Ph.D., Deepa Sharma, Ph.D., Carlos Trejo-Pech, Ph.D., Richard Bernato, Ed.D.

Chapters Contributed By: Richard Hawkins Ed.D.; Richard Walter, Ph.D.; Elsa-Sofia Morote, Ed.D.; Shane Higuera, Ed.D.

Content: This book offers a multi-cultural view of ethical leadership in global enterprises for 21st century leaders.


  • Learning Disabilities: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Classroom Practice  (2007)

By: Barry McNamara, Ph.D.

Content: This comprehensive textbook addresses the nature and needs of students with learning disabilities throughout their lives, from early childhood to adulthood..


  • Bullying and Students with Disabilities: Strategies and Techniques To Create A Safe Environment for All (2013)

By: Barry McNamara, Ph.D.

Content: Bullying of students with disabilities is often unaddressed in many schools. This book shines a light on a problem that often goes unnoticed and provides sound advice and guidance to all school-based staff.


  • The Final War: Avoiding it Through A New Harmonic Society (2012)

By: Elsa-Sofia Morote, Ed.D.

Content: This book presents historical and strategic events featuring religion and economics that have led to the final war.  It also presents a harmonic philosophy that can guide society to peace.

Dialectics FASamuel 2010 Book Cover

  • Dialectics of the Individual and Society in Education: Dewey and Tagore Compared (2010)

By: Francis A. Samuel, Ph.D.

Content: The author examines Dewey’s philosophy of democratic education and Tagore’s vision of international education and shows the relevance of their ideas for today.


  • The Humanistic Approach to Education: From Socrates to Paulo Freire (2014)

By: Francis A. Samuel, Ph.D.

Content:  This book delineates the development of humanistic education from the ancient to the modern times and its influence on contemporary education.


  • Parents Make the Difference: Nourishing Literacy Development Through Shared Book Reading (2014)

By: Susan Voorhees, Ed.D.

Content: This book addresses the ways parents and early childhood education teachers can nurture young children’s academic, language, and literacy development through the act of shared book reading.