Registration Meetings

Fall 2012 Student Teacher Fieldwork Information / Registration Meetings

ALL Student Teacher Candidates are REQUIRED to attend ONE MANDATORY meeting in order to register or re-register for educational fieldwork: EDS 2108, EDH 3104, EDH 3160, EDS 3110, EDA 3127, EDH 4106, EDH 4113, EDS 4190, EDA 4196, EDH 4197, EDH 4200, EDA 5306, EDA 6362, EDH 6371, EDH 6372, EDH 6378/6511,     EDH 6390, EDA 6392, EDA 6392 (MS) EDH 7357, EDH 7397, EDS 7424, EDS 7425, SMP 3812, SMP 3822, SMP 4832, SMP 4891.

You must attend ONE of these meetings or you may not be eligible to participate in the field placement (observation/participation) program for the Update semester.  For those students who are unsure whether they meet the requirements for student teaching, attendance at this meeting will give you an opportunity to have all your questions addressed.

Allow approximately ONE HOUR for each meeting.

Please arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to the start of the meeting.


All meetings will be held in the Ballroom of Fortunoff Hall:

Please be advised that we have made every effort to be accommodating with scheduling these meetings.  You are expected to make the appropriate accommodations to your schedule in order to attend ONE meeting.

Note: There is no pre-registration for this meeting; all students are welcome on a walk-in basis