CMTDT Statistics

The Center for Minority Teacher Development and Training Statistics


The most recent national figures show that 15.7 percent of the country’s public teaching staff is minority and 36.9 percent of the students were minorities in 1999-2000 (NCES, 2000). On Long Island alone, the statistics regarding minority student and minority teacher ratios are extremely low. Not only does the July 2005 New York State of Learning Report to the Governor and Legislature on the Educational Status of the State’s Schools indicate that we are not doing a very good job in addressing social issues in impoverished communities, we are failing to see that diversity is a necessity in order to create harmony in our society.

Nassau County

Nassau County minority students represent 26.7% of the total school age population. The total percent of minority teachers, however, stands at 8.7% within the county.

Suffolk County

Suffolk County minority students comprise 22.8% of the total school age population. Yet, the total percentage of minority teachers in Suffolk County stands at 5.3%. In Suffolk County, this implies that 95% of the teachers in the classroom are non-minority. The report also demonstrates that in 20 school districts in Suffolk County, there was not one teacher of color reported in classrooms from kindergarten through senior high school