Dowling Student Teachers

Dowling Student Teachers: Making A Difference As They Learn

Dowling students working toward New York State Teacher Certification have the opportunity to work with experienced coordinating teachers in the area’s leading school districts. They present lessons and work individually and in groups with children of all ages.It is a remarkable and rewarding experience, which often leads to a full-time teaching position. Following are some of the many student teaching success stories that unfold each semester.

  • Ralene English is a perfect example of a student teacher success story. Her lesson on Cinco de Mayo for her second grade class in Central Islip School District is a perfect example of her success.Ralene began the lesson by reading a picture book on the topic and showing Mexican artifacts such as a sombrero and a piñata. She followed up with a powerpoint presentation, complete with Mariachi music. She even had to stop so the children could dance to the lively music. The powerpoint included a quiz to assess their knowledge as a group. The children then followed directions for making paper flowers. The steps were simple and all the children were successful.

    Ralene′s lesson used the creative arts including music and movement. Making the flowers helped with fine motor coordination. Technology was present with powerpoint slides and smart board activity.

    Ralene presented content in a creative manner that engaged the students from start to finish. Reading, writing, fine motor coordination, sequencing, movement were all part of her plan. Muy Bueno, Ralene.

  • Meghan Scully is a stellar example of a creative, highly motivating, and conscientious professional. Meghan is completing her full time student teaching at Nassakeag Elementary School in the Three Village School District. Her lesson on plate tectonics was exceptionally creative and informative. Using the SMART Board, she presented an interactive lesson that fostered active participation from this fifth grade inclusion class. Because her lesson was so student friendly (given a tough subject), she was asked to take her lesson “on the road” to Setauket Elementary School and present it to the fifth graders.Ms Scully is Vice President of the Dowling Council for Exceptional Children, Chapter 1141. In that role she creates opportunities for improving the educational outcomes for students with exceptionalities and is involved with numerous community service projects.
  • Deven Kane has been doing her Field Placement at Wyandanch Memorial HS, under the supervision of ELA faculty member, Ms. Sandy Reiher since September 2009. While student teaching, Ms. Kane also serves as a Classroom Tutor with the GEAR UP college access program.Deven first joined GEAR UP last summer as a chaperone, along with Assistant Director Frank Pomata, to take a group of Wyandanch 11th graders to attend Camp College at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

    Ms. Reiher has been very pleased with Deven as a student teacher. Ms. Kane also spends part of her field assignment in the classroom of the ELA Department Coordinator, Ms. Michelle D′Amico-Laux.

    Deven recently assisted with the GEAR UP Parent Conference on March 6, 2010 by helping parents and students with their FAFSA online documentation to facilitate eventual application to colleges.

  • Children learn best when actively engaged in the educational process. This idea was well demonstrated by Ms. Catherine Pernice, a student teaching candidate, in her lesson on “economics” and “supply and demand”.Catherine, a special education major, was in her regular education placement in a third grade in the Southdown School in Huntington, New York. She wanted to teach the children about how companies make a profit. With Mothers’ Day around the corner, she created a lesson that not only had the economics piece, but also added an art project and a math component as well.

    The children were to create a Mothers’ Day present using raw materials provided for them. Each raw material had a cost and the children had to keep their product within a certain dollar amount. Working in cooperative groups, the students picked their supplies and designed their gift. Then they had to put a dollar amount on their creation that would give their company a profit, but also be inexpensive enough for the consumer to want to purchase it.

    It was exciting to see the activity level in the classroom. The children picked their materials, created their gift and priced it to sell. They learned about cost and profit and demand and even a little about industrial espionage as they tried to figure out what the other groups were charging. The children had a great time as they learned about how and why businesses succeed or fail!

    And as for Catherine… if this lesson is any indication of her teaching ability, she certainly is another Dowling Student Teacher Success Story.

  • Juan Nieto has been doing his Field Placement at Wyandanch Memorial HS, under the supervision of ELA faculty member, Mr. Richard Crowe since Sept. 2008. Mr. Crowe has been extremely pleased with Juan as a Student Teacher and the GEAR UP college access program recruited him last fall as a Classroom Tutor and Robotics after-school Instructor.Juan will also be participating in the GEAR UP “Parents as Heroes” Conference on Sat, 3/21/09 in two ways: as a student panelist in the “First in Family” workshop telling his story as a first-generation college student; and as the presenter for “Your Child’s Life Online” workshop explaining Facebook, MySpace and other aspects of the internet & social networking to parents of teens.
  • Silvia Francese attained maximum height in motivational skills with role-playing and group activities in her classes at Sayville Middle School. She is seen here (with cooperating teacher Eileen Walsh-Ahrens in the background) presenting information verbally and visually using a ‘Smart Board’ display to make comprehension by students as clear and involved as possible. She displayed superior management skills during her student teaching and I congratulate her on a fine job professionally and successfully completed.
  • Kristeen Galella is currently student-teaching in the Connetquot School District in Mrs. Ellie D’Antonio’s Special Education – Self Contained classroom. She will be graduating with a Masters of Science in Education, Dual-certification in Special-Education Birth-6. Kristeen also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Sciences with a Minor of Child & Family Studies . She has been inducted into the Honor Society for Education; Kappa Delta Pi. Using a wide variety of resources and materials designed to keep these 1st and 2nd graders involved and actively participating she organizes learning stations to create an effective environment. Kris emphasizes the importance of multiculturalism and individuality in her classroom , consistently demonstrating her ability to modify the curriculum to meet the needs of the students.
  • Setting high expectations, Christine Walsh displays the outstanding qualities of a ‘natural’ teacher. Under the guidance of her cooperating teacher, Gina Cerulli, she has consistently challenged these 2nd graders to be actively involved in the learning process. Writing and illustrating her own book to teach scheduling with digital and analog clocks, using a Power Point presentation to reinforce the steps in creating a time-line and dressing as a scientist while children dissected raw eggs in an introductory lesson on Chick Embryology are just a few of her accomplishments. Christine’s goal; “I hope that my students will leave with an appreciation of the world around them, the people in it and a desire to better themselves.”
  • Question: What do creating a business to organize students, a background in home economics and a student teaching experience have in common? The answer is Helen Dixon, a current student teacher in Mr. Bonifacio’s 4th grade class in the Northport School System.When asked to teach a lesson on making change, Helen naturally thought about using money manipulatives. At the same time, she realized that 4th graders are often a little disorganized and lose some of the pieces. With her unique background she came up with the idea of math placemats or math mats. Each child was given colored paper on which to place their manipulatives. Not surprisingly, the children loved them and the money wasn’t lost. Because of the enthusiastic student response, Helen decided to refine her creation. Her next mats were laminated with interesting math information; different information for different mats written on the surface. Now when her fourth graders learn about money, they might be looking at the process for multiplication or equivalent fractions or geometry terminology.

    Helen’s creativity is going to serve her well as she takes her place as one of our future teachers. And it is her creativity and excellence in teaching that has made her one of our Dowling Student Teaching Success Stories.

  • It is trying enough for part-time student teachers to conduct a full lesson during their experience in a classroom but Alison Gallagher did so with amazing skill and fervor at Sayville High School under the influence of her very gifted cooperating teacher, Susan Hart.Both are seen here conducting a review for an upcoming test using a beautifully designed game board for Baseball. The board was constructed totally by Alison and augmented with a ‘Smart Board’ for score keeping. LEARNING IS FUN in this classroom and I offer my congratulations for an outstanding effort and results.
  • He is DOWLING! His name: Napoleon “Alex” Iglesias. I have just returned from my fourth and last observation of him as his supervisor in the schools of Brentwood School District.

    My first impression was that he has impeccable manners! His respect for the children and all those around him is inspiring! He lets the children know that he is there for them but they also know he has high expectations of them, including their manners.

    On each visit, I have been stopped by a colleague, a principal and his cooperating teacher. Each deliver the same message: He is a phenomenal teacher and person. His lesson plans are intelligent, interactive, exciting, well-planned and developmentally appropriate. He has a passion for education. He puts that passion into action each day as he takes on the role of teacher and mentor. “Alex” Iglesias represents the best of education at Dowling!

  • Debora Sweet, Student of the School of Education at Dowling College, is completing a field experience at the Marrow school in Central Islip. This is a non-standard measuring lesson for second grade, explaining to students how to measure with non-standard measuring tools. Students are demonstrating where to place their measuring tools.
  • Michael Cipollino,seen here with cooperating teacher Loraine Seabury, uses digital environments to motivate his business class students. Upon entering his classroom, his students are surprised with PowerPoint visuals or oral representations. They include everything from beautifully displayed DO NOW’s and tasks to Olympic Game theme music leading to learning subject matter in game format. Michael keeps motivation and enthusiasm at an extremely high level among his students. Learning is definitely FUN in Michael’s classes at Connetquot High School.
  • Rita Gregorio, a senior at Dowling College, is pictured with three students from Andrew T. Morrow school. Miss Gregorio is currently student teaching in a second grade classroom of twenty students, in the Central Islip school district. The students and Miss Gregorio worked on the bulletin board in the background. The students spent a few weeks discussing, documenting and creating materials to ornament the bulletin board. -Mr. Stanley H. Opas
  • Margery Fey, a student teacher at the RJO School in Kings Park, did an “egg cellent” lesson with her fourth grade students. To learn about the parts of an egg, they actually dissected them. It was “egg actly” what science should be…hands on learning.

    The student carefully looked at all of the parts and labeled them on their diagram as Mrs. Fey discussed what the different parts were used for in the development of the chick. Mrs. Boccio, her cooperating teacher, and Mrs. Nelson, her field supervisor, were truly pleased with her “egg periment” and feel she has the potential to become an “egg traordinary” teacher.

  • Meg Sheehan has been student teaching at Nassakeag Elementary School in the Three Village Central School District this semester. Meg is a registered nurse who decided to fulfill a lifelong passion for teaching children. In her sixth grade placement she has engaged the students in such exciting activities as creating plant and animal cells, a jeopardy game as a review for the New York State Math test and a Web Quest. The Web Quest is a two week intensive research project that explores the concept of adaptations and culminates in a mock press conference. Mrs. Sheehan has integrated technology in her lessons using the Smart Board, Power Point, Excel and Web Questing. Her boundless energy is apparent in every lesson and her students enthusiastically tackle each assignment. Meg Sheehan is a stellar example of a Dowling College student whose professionalism will be an asset to any school district.
  • In just her second experience before a third grade class in East Islip, student teacher candidate Dana Ehlich engaged her students in a cooperative learning lesson about different land forms in the United States. Above, she proudly exhibits the outcome of their efforts.

    Hands on Teaching in Effect-See this Shocking Lesson!

  • Student teacher Mary Tsiolis prepared a shocking lesson for the third grade students in Mr. Spiros class in Northport, New York. Actually, the lesson was on static electricity which does tend to give students a charge as they learn about its many properties.

    The students were actually able to see a soda can move after a balloon was electrified by being rubbed across a sweater. From there they discovered for themselves how cereal could bounce inside a plastic bag by using the power of a charged balloon. The best part of the lesson was when the students were able to huddle together in a static electricity tunnel and actually see the sparks fly.

    All in all, the lesson was a positive experience for student teacher Mary and her third grade students.

  • Alison Laino, seen here in front of a “Smart Board” with her cooperating teacher Bryan Makarius, led by her Social Studies classes at Longwood High School with enthusiasm and effectiveness. Her skilled leadership was evident in the lively discussion and deeply thoughtful opinions expressed by her students regarding the people and events she presented to them.

    Congratulations to Alison for bringing joy into the realm of reading!

  • Michael Privitera (right) with cooperating teacher Ryan Kreuder (left), who is an alumnus of Dowling College, gave new meaning to the skill of motivation. Michael and Ryan conspired to give the student at Islip Middle School the true feeling of discrimination by showing deliberate favoritism toward some of their peers with grading practices. It worked beautifully as students, who were slighted, expressed: disappointment, resentment, frustration, anger and even made threats to report the abuse. All felt better when Michael revealed the ruse but the students’ heartfelt feelings were beautifully expressed in their required essays during the latter part of the class period.

    This is but one example of the outstanding teaching methodology employed by Michael during his student teaching experience.

  • From the beginning Megan Grimes (left) showed promise and by semester’s end, that promise had grown to perfection at Islip Middle School. To quote her cooperating teacher, Erica Rinear (right), “Megan has required very little assistance and her products consistently superior”. Megan attained what I refer to as, “A total classroom skills package”. Her inspirational methodology will definitely spell success for her as well as the fortunate students in her classes.
  • Christopher Tam knows how to transfer his own enthusiasm for Math to his students at Saxton Middle School in Patchogue with demonstrations by the students at the board, in groups and leading his classes in true discussion to achieve solutions. His cooperating teacher, Amy Vario, is a former student teacher at Dowling with me. She set a beautiful example for Christopher which enabled him to excel in management skills, lesson plan preparation, motivational skills and a respectful rapport with the students.