Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Educational, Administration, Leadership, and Technology in the School of Education is to develop public and private sector leaders for diverse social organizations in a democratic society dedicated to offering opportunities for all people.  The Doctoral Program (Ed.D) in Educational Administration develops the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary for leader candidates to lead in diverse 21st Century social organizations.

The program is ideal for central administrators, supervisors, principals, college administrators, program directors, school and corporate trainers, personnel officers, nurse supervisors, administrators of not-for-profit organizations and social agencies, governmental policy makers, classroom teachers, and people in the legal profession who wish to lead social institutions in democratic change. As such, our degree will facilitate:

  • Providing the communication and network access to widespread information resources
  • Researching and evaluating fieldwork
  • Utilizing assessment processes to evaluate organizational process
  • Providing students with opportunities for scholarly work
  • Leaders who have the courage to take informed risks

Academic rigor and faculty support prepare leaders in a collaborative and personalized program for lifelong learning.

Doctoral Faculty

Stephanie L. Tatum, Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Department Chairperson

Elsa-Sofia Morote, Ed.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, Professor

S. Marshall Perry, Ph.D. from Stanford University, Associate Professor

Robert J. Manley, Ph.D. from St. John’s University, Professor

Richard Hawkins, Ed.D. from Dowling College, Associate Professor

Coursework Requirements

Research Skills and Methodologies                                                                (18 credits)

EDE 9800       Research Technology                                                             3 credits

EDE 9801       Research Methods                                                                 3 credits

EDE 9802       Experimental Research Methods                                           3 credits

EDE 9803       Quantitative Methods for Administrators                             3 credits

EDE 9804       Advanced Research Methods                                                3 credits

EDE 9806       Ethnography & Case Study Design                                       3 credits

Leadership Theory and Public Policy Implementation                                 (15 credits)

EDE 9808       Leadership & Planned Change in Organizations                    3 credits

EDE 9816       Ethical Leadership in Organizations                                       3 credits

EDE 9817       Leadership Theory and Implementation of Policy                 3 credits

EDE 9821       Leadership and Community Relations                                   3 credits

EDE 9829       Multicultural Leadership in Social Organizations                   3 credits

Dissertation Development                                                                             (15 credits)

EDE 9860       Dissertation Proposal Seminar I                                              3 credits 

EDE 9861       Dissertation Proposal Seminar II                                            3 credits

EDE 9862       Dissertation Advisement Seminar I                                        3 credits

EDE 9863       Dissertation Advisement Seminar II                                      3 credits

EDE 9864       Dissertation Advisement Seminar III                                     3 credits

EDE 9870       Individual Dissertation Advisement                                       3 credits


Admission to the Doctoral Program Requires the Following:

  1. A transcript confirming a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or its approved equivalent
  2. An earned post-master’s Advanced Certificate in Educational Administration or a Master’s degree in a related field with 12-15 credits in administration approved by the Department Chairperson
  3. A GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4. A Portfolio Assessment if the student attended a graduate program that utilized a Portfolio Assessment
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Completion of a graduate study admission examination within the past five years, such as a Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), or the Miller Analogy Test (MAT)
  7. A minimum of two years of successful professional experience
  8. Completion of a series of individual and group interviews with the doctoral admissions committee
  9. A statement of professional aspirations (see application)
  10. Current resume
  11. A Dowling College School of Education Doctoral Degree Application

The program faculty will review the supporting materials submitted with the application for admission. The applicant will be notified of the admission decision and will progress to matriculated doctoral student status. Matriculated students have a limit of seven calendar years

from the date of initial matriculation in the program within which all requirements for the doctorate must be completed. Students who are accepted will agree to the cohort concept and will continually register for courses with the cohort of students with which they enter the program.

  • The Dissertation
    To satisfy the individual dissertation experience, candidates will develop a dissertation and submit their research to a recognized professional journal. Emphasis is to be placed on research that focuses on the application of knowledge to improve practice.
  • Core Areas
    The Ed.D. program is comprised of four core areas: 1) Organizational Behavior and Research; 2) Institutional Leadership; 3) Management Science and Educational Technology; 4) Policy Analysis and Law.

Apply Here: Doctoral Ed.D. Application

Tuition and Fees (2015-2016)

Application Processing Fee: $100 (non-refundable)

Tuition: $46,000

*(Up to 12 credits transferred from an Advanced Certificate Program)

Tuition:  $48,000


Doctoral Student Conference Presentation Grant
Student Guidelines for Conference Grant
Student Conference Grant Application

Grant for this academic year 2015-2016 is closed.

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