Comprehensive Examination & Certification Requirements

All candidates for the Advanced Certificate Programs in Educational Administration who graduate after February 2, 2009, must pass both a digital portfolio comprehensive examination and the New York State License examination (National Educational Leadership Assessment).

To Receive Certification

Each of the school leadership examinations will consist of two four-hour tests. Candidates for the School Building Leader, who have successfully completed the required course work, will be eligible for the Advanced Certificate in School Building Leadership.

To obtain certification as a SBL, the applicants must successfully pass the National Education Leadership Assessment in School Building Leadership.

Candidates for the SDL and SDBL will be required to achieve a passing grade to satisfy both programs for graduation and certification requirements.

The examination schedule, framework and preparation guides are available on the National Evaluation Systems Website.


The New York State Teacher Certification Examination Program is designed to help insure that teachers have the knowledge and skills that are necessary for service in the State’s and school leaders public schools. The testing program is administered by Pearson for the New York State Education Department.

Individuals seeking a teaching certificate must achieve qualifying scores on a set of assessments, depending on the certificate title.