B.A. in Elementary Education

B.A. in Elementary Education (Gr. 1-6) with Pathway to TESOL & B-2 Certification

(HEGIS 0802) Students seeking a B.A. in Education (Elementary) must also complete the requirements for a second major in arts and sciences, resulting in a dual major. The Elementary Education student’s plan of study will include professional education courses, three field experiences, and a major in the School of Arts and Sciences, plus college degree requirements. Students should meet with an Education advisor to fulfill the departmental requirements of all teaching candidates. Students majoring in Elementary Education are not required to complete a minor. When candidates complete this program they will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in (1) subject matter, (2) pedagogy, and, (3) pedagogical content knowledge at levels commensurate with new teachers as articulated by key professional organizations and agencies including the Association for Childhood Education International, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the New York State Education Department. Pathways to additional certifications in TESOL and B-2 are available. Please contact the School of Education for more information. To be eligible to apply for initial certification, students must complete all the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education; obtain a passing score on all required New York State teacher certification exams, complete the Drug Abuse, Violence Prevention, Child Abuse, and Fingerprinting workshops, maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 or above, and have satisfactorily met the competencies established by the Human Development and Learning Department.

College-Wide Requirements
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Core Requirements 33 credits
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Major Requirements 42-48 credits

EDH 1021A Education in Society 3
EDH 1131A Human Development and Learning 3
EDS 1081A Introduction to Exceptional Children 3
EDH 3104N Teaching Social Studies 3
EDH 3129N Assessment in Inclusive Classrooms K-12 3
EDL 3146N Literacy Acquisition 3
EDH 3202N Field Experience & Seminar: TESOL 3
EDH 4116N Teaching Math and Science in the Elementary Classroom 3
EDL 4149N Literacy Acquisition II 3
EDH 4197N* Supervised Student Teaching: Grades 1-6 6
EDH 4199N Childhood Student Teaching Seminar 3
Foreign Language (six credits in the same language, not including American Sign Language. Sign language may be used only by students requiring special accommodations) 6
PSY 1001 General Psychology I 3
PSY 2015 Developmental Psychology 3

Certification Requirements 4-7 credits

LIB 1101 Information Literacy 1
ENG 2140A or ENG 2069A Recommended 3
MTH 1003 Recommended 3 additional credits

When the requirements for a B.A. in Education overlap with the requirements for the second major in arts and science, the credits made available by this overlap should be taken as electives in the arts and sciences. This is in accord with the College policy that, “A course may not be used to fulfill requirements in more that one component of the curriculum (e.g. major, minor, core, electives).” All students seeking elementary education New York State initial certification must have six credits of mathematics, science, history, English, and foreign language in order to meet New York State requirements.

A G.P.A. of 3.0 is required for placement in field experiences or student teaching. Field placement will be at the discretion of the Director of Student Teaching Placements and Certification.