Advanced Certificate in Educational Technology Specialist

CIP Code and description: 131309

The Dowling College Advanced Certificate for Educational Technology Specialist has been developed in response to an increasing need for K-12 educators to provide instruction and sophisticated learning opportunities in digital formats from museums, foundations, and internet sites around the world. The professional staff needs to be well-trained in concepts and application of such advanced technology. This program is unique in so far as it provides certified teachers with advanced knowledge and professional certification as Educational Technology Specialist in New York State.

The objectives of the program are:

  1. Help certified teachers develop basic technology competencies to support digital and instructional tasks
  2. Evaluate digital education materials in relationship to the NY state learning standards
  3. Integrate computer video and CD ROM technology in to k-12 programs and provide assistive technology for students with disabilities
  4. Integrate commercially available software into the k-12 curriculum
  5. Design and develop instructional materials with web-based options
  6. Solve problems related to the implementation of technology into the classroom
  7. Create a variety of lessons that demonstrate the advanced use of technology in the classroom for learning
  8. Create newsletter, brochures and digital displays with advanced layout and design programs
  9. Develop collaborative research projects in cooperative learning teams using telecommunications technology and internet
  10. Produce and manage an advanced website for academic purposes
  11. Conduct an assessment of instructional technology using action research methodologies
  12. Learn how to assess students with digital tools
  13. Conduct a field experience assessment that evaluates students use of digital technology.

Advanced Certificate in Educational Technology Specialist Requirements (36 credits)

Core Requirements (24 credits)

EDE 5611 Computer Awareness for Teachers 3
EDE 6612 Educational Software Evaluation 3
EDE 6621 Integrating Technology into Curriculum 3
EDE 6625 Educational Web-based Design 3
EDE 6635 Curriculum Development and Instructional Design 3
EDE 6698 Seminar in Educational Technology Research 3
EDE 7669 Computers in Education Practicum 6

Elective Courses (12 credits)

EDE 6613 Technology & Interactive Media for Young Children 3
EDE 6631 Emerging Technologies for the Diverse Classroom 3
EDE 6632 Educational Technology for English Language Learners 3
EDE 6633 E-Learning 3
EDE 6634 Social Networks & Website Administration 3

Total: 36 credits


NYS Certification Requirements:

  • You must have completed 3 years of classroom teaching service and/or pupil personnel service experience, in public or non-public schools N-12, and hold a permanent/professional teaching certification
  • You are required to complete 175 hours of professional development every 5 years.
  • You will need 3 years experience in leadership including a least one-year experience as a school leader to obtain professional certification.
  • You are required to complete the NYSTCE leadership assessment for the initial certification
  • Completion of Fingerprinting, workshops in school violence and intervention and in child abuse.