Advanced Certificate in Computers in Education

CIP Code and description: 131999

The Dowling College Certificate in Computers in Education enriches the instructional strategies of instructors (higher education, primary, secondary teachers, and social agencies trainers) and provides them with the ability to incorporate a variety of technological activities into their daily instructional plans. Instructors learn new and exciting processes that students can use to enhance learning within the classroom, social agencies, library and at home. Seven courses (one elective) including a 6-credit practicum on campus comprise the Advanced Certificate (Professional Diploma) in Computers in Education (24 credits).

Core Requirements

EDE 5611 Computer Awareness for Teachers or
EDE 8741 Computers for the Educational Administrator 3
EDE 6612 Educational Software & Apps Evaluation 3
EDE 6613 Technology & Interactive Media for Young Children 3
EDE 6621 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum 3
EDE 6625 Educational Web-based Class Design 3
EDE 6698 Seminar in Educational Technology Research 3
EDE 7669 Education Technology Practicum 6
Total: 24 credits

*Can be replaced by one of the following electives:

EDE 6631 Emerging Technologies for Diverse Classroom 3
EDE 6633 E-Learning 3
EDE 6634 Social Networks and Website Administration 3
EDE 6635 Curriculum Dev & Instructional Design 3

The Dowling College Academic Computing Center is used as the instructional site for the program. The Computing Center houses computers that run under Windows operating systems and is used for classroom presentations for individual lab assignments.


NYS Certification Requirements:

  • You must have completed 3 years of classroom teaching service and/or pupil personnel service experience, in public or non-public schools N-12, and hold a permanent/professional teaching certification
  • You are required to complete 175 hours of professional development every 5 years.
  • You will need 3 years experience in leadership including a least one-year experience as a school leader to obtain professional certification.
  • You are required to complete the NYSTCE leadership assessment for the initial certification
  • Completion of Fingerprinting, workshops in school violence and intervention and in child abuse.