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Department of Sociology

The Sociology program presents students the opportunity to explore and understand the social and personal dimensions of the human experience. Our subject matter includes the study of interpersonal relationships and group dynamics emphasizing issues of class, gender, race, diversity, power, and bureaucracy in a variety of social and cultural settings in the United States and throughout the world.

Our program offers two tracks: a sociology track and sociology-social work track.

The college catalogue provides a complete list of requirements and courses available.

In addition to the sociology major, minors in sociology, social work, and gerontology are available which include a large number of sociology courses. A gerontology major is also available which builds on sociology and psychology courses.

A highlight of the sociology program is the option of doing field work working with the faculty and working in various community agencies under supervision while being mentored by faculty.  This allows students to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom, test their interest in the field, and gain valuable contacts for future employment and graduate school.  The acceptance rate of our undergraduates to master’s programs in social work is extremely high.

Students have the opportunity to work with outstanding full time as well as adjunct faculty with expertise in specific areas including hospital administration, intergenerational relationships, culture, politics, deviance, media, counseling and law.  The faculty has received numerous honors and grants from diverse foundations, including the United Nations Academic Impact Program/Yad Vashem, Foundation for Long Term Care, International Research Exchanges Board, New York State United Teachers, and New York State Sociological Association, among others.  They have also been recognized as outstanding teachers.

The faculty has published widely, including books and journal articles such as Elder Care and Service Learning: A Handbook, International Sociology, American Journal of Sociology, Contemporary Sociology, and Sociological Forum, among others.



Susanne Bleiberg-Seperson

Professor of Sociology
Department Chair

Office: FH 323
Office Phone: 631-244-3127
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Nathalia Rogers

Professor of Sociology

Office: FH 317
Office Phone: 631-244-3116