Psychology: Research / Projects

Research / Projects

Dr. Indick’s research area is media psychology. Over the past eleven years, he published six nonfiction books, psychological analyses of diverse topics such as science fiction films, Westerns, the archetypes and symbols in mythologies, fairytales, and fantasy stories, and spirituality. He also writes fantasy fiction for young adults as well as literary fiction for adults. In his fiction, Dr. Indick explores the psyches of his characters and delves into the mysteries of emotion and memory. Dr. Indick is currently writing a nonfiction book that explores the effects of media on psychological domains such as spirituality, mental illness, attention, and memory.

Dr. Sakuma is creating a qualitative research program, including interviews, grounded theory, and case studies, to help motivated and capable students wishing to gain experience in psychological research. Areas of inquiry are open, but early work is being done on understanding the complicated relations humans have to other animals. Dr. Sakuma is actively investigating environmental and health crises in psychological terms. It is his belief that various existential and social psychological principles create a dynamic that leads humanity to the brink of environmental and medical disaster. It’s not all doom and gloom – there are solutions – but the first step is research and study.

Dr. Tye is author of a comprehensive textbook on human sexuality, adopted by faculty from Ivy Leagues to community colleges. Along with serving as department chair and working on program development, keeping his textbook up to date occupies most of his scholarly time. He takes an integrative perspective in gender and sexuality studies, combining the empirical work of neuroscientists, psychologists and sociologists with a focus on cultural diversity and historical and religious variations. His clinical work has included forensic psychology, custody evaluations, and adult psychotherapy. He guides students on their empirical projects, and has had student assistants help him with the editing and updating process that is involved with the textbook.