Political Science: Research / Projects

Research / Projects

Dr. Cunha is currently working on papers regarding how parliamentarians use New Media to communicate, has been asked to write several entries for a new Portuguese Dictionary on Communism, and to deliver a lecture “Castroism and Guevarism from a Populist perspective.” As a result he will be participating and meeting at conferences in Albania, Estonia, Turkey, Portugal and other nations during 2015-2016.

Mr. James Wiberly recently worked on an Independent Study with Dr. Cunha that examined the Rising Tensions between China and Japan which included a simulation of their conflict in the South China Sea. As a component of their Internships, Mr. Stephen Valente is researching The History of renting property/living space, and Mr. Philip Mondello is writing on “the process by which one is elected to government (documenting the similarities and differences between the process of being elected as president, senator, governor, and prime minister).”

Working closely with Dr. Stipelman, Tracey Granata and Justin Scharf each produced impressive studies on the New Deal.  Scharf’s work focused on the impact that Roosevelt’s court packing plan had on both the Supreme Court and his larger administration. Granata’s work explored the way FDR’s communication strategies and the vehicle of the fireside chats affected his ability to rally support for policies that were not within the American political mainstream.