Department of History

Department of History

The Dowling College History Department offers teaching excellence.  Small classes allow close interaction between faculty and students, and our professors bring lively resources to the classroom—pictures from national and world travels, unique primary-source documents, artifacts, Writing Workshops, and more.  The Department also provides special opportunities to history majors:

  • Dr. Ying-wan Cheng Memorial Scholarship
  • Bill Hogeboom Memorial Awards
  • Work-study research assistant positions
  • Internships with local museums and historical societies
  • Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society chapter
  • History Club

“Do more than study the past!”  You will likely hear Dowling history faculty urge you to do so.  True, studying history opens a window on the past, which will permit you to understand better today’s people, economy, politics, society, and culture.  But history involves much more.  It enhances your research, writing, and analytical skills.  It teaches you to ask probing questions.  It enables you to build your own construction of events—and assess the accuracy of other interpretations.  You will learn to dig for facts; you will develop disciplined thinking.  Perhaps most of all, by studying human struggles in history, you will deepen your empathy, compassion, and integrity.  At Dowling, you will enjoy this process and be pleased with the results.  Send us an e-mail to learn more!

The history major can prepare you for graduate studies in business, education, law, library science, museum studies, and any humanities field—especially, of course, history.  It can be a launching pad for immediate careers in academia, archives, business, civil service, journalism, and museum work.  Notably, many Dowling history alumni are successful Long Island school teachers.  You will find the history major to be versatile and lucrative (a 2011 report from the Center on Education and the Workforce found that history majors earned the highest median salary among humanities majors; the American Historical Association website also has an impressive list of celebrities who majored in history).


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