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What is Economics?

Essentially, economics is the study of how a market economy functions. What causes prosperity? What causes jobs to be created and living standards to rise? Or the economy to fall into a recession, jobs to disappear and living standards to fall? How can the government promote prosperity and prevent recessions? What are the types of competitive pressures a firm faces, and how can it best respond to these pressures? How do firms strategize, and how do the strategic decisions they make impact their profitability? These are some of the central questions of economics. If these questions interest you, economics is a subject you should definitely consider majoring in.

Why Economics at Dowling?

The economics program at Dowling has everything to offer that Dowling College does. Small class sizes taught by professors, not graduate teaching assistants. Professors who know you individually and will be your advocate when you apply for jobs or graduate school admissions after graduation. Professors who will also be your advisors from your first day at Dowling and who will make sure that you take the curriculum that suites your individual needs and sets you up for success after graduating. A student support staff who are there to meet with you and support you as you navigate your way through your college experience at Dowling. And, by far the most beautiful campus setting on all of Long Island. These are all reasons to consider pursuing your B.A. in Economics at Dowling College.

Where Will an Economics Degree Take Me?

To begin with, you will become a better citizen, meaning that you will not end-up voting for candidates for political office who know absolutely nothing about economics.  A B.A. in Economics is also a highly regarded credential for those who are seeking careers in the analytical and quantitative areas of business and government.  And, of course, it is a springboard to graduate programs in economics, finance, management and public policy.


Student Spotlight

Steve Loaiza
Economics Major, Masters StudentThanks to the personal attention I received from the economics faculty at Dowling, I graduated from the B.A. in Economics program well-prepared for graduate study in the field.  After graduation, I was admitted to the doctoral program in economics at one university, along with a number of M.A. in Economics programs at other universities.


Bill Brophy
Class of 2008
Branch Manager for Bethpage FCU
Kalin Dimtchev
Class of 2002
Country Leader for
IBM in Bulgaria


Mark Greer

Professor of Economics

Office: FH 326
Office Phone: 631-244-3239
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Kevin Spelman

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics

Office Phone: 631-244-3155