Earth and Environmental Science: Internships / Careers


Why Should I Take An Internship?

  • Get the work experience in a potential area of employment
  • Gain a competitive advantage on the job market
  • Meet prospective employers
  • Learn from successful professionals
  • Apply what you’ve studied in the classroom in real working environments
  • Earn college credit while preparing for your career

Earth and Environmental Science students are strongly encouraged to seek out internships applicable towards their desired career pathway. Internships provide valuable experience and networking opportunities with future employers, and besides practical skills, they often include certificates or safety training (e.g., OSHA).

Recent Dowling Internships

In the past several years, our students have successfully sought out and completed internships with companies and organizations on Long Island and elsewhere. Examples include:

  • Atlantis Marine World
  • NY State Park System
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • National Parks Service
  • Sea Research Foundation
  • NYC Parks and Recreation
  • US Geologic Survey
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Private companies specializing in environmental consulting and remediation


What Kind of Career Can I get in Earth and Environmental Science?

Rigorous curriculum of the Earth and Environmental Science degrees, with emphasis on scientific problem solving, offers great flexibility on the job market, including post-graduate and teaching careers.  Depending on the interests and coursework of the student, potential careers include environmental consultant, geoscientist, ecologist, environmental researcher, geologist, laboratory analyst, park/forest ranger, state or federal government regulator, science educator, hydrogeologist, exploration geologist, resource manager, water treatment specialist, and many others.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both career paths have an excellent future employment outlook due to faster than average job growth through 2022 (15% for Environmental Scientists and Specialists including Sustainability, and 16% for Geoscientists and Earth Scientists).

Where Our Graduates Are

  • Earth Science teachers on Long Island and in New York City
  • Environmental consulting and remediation
  • Peace Corps
  • Federal government agencies
  • County/State Parks and agencies
  • Graduate schools – Brooklyn College, SUNY Stony Brook, U. Bridgeport