Chemistry and Physics: Internships / Careers

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Why Should I Take An Internship?

  • Get the work experience in a potential area of employment
  • Gain a competitive advantage on the job market
  • Meet prospective employers
  • Learn from successful professionals
  • Apply what you’ve studied in the classroom in real working environments
  • Earn college credit while preparing for your career

What are the Internship Opportunities

Internships and Co-ops are available in all disciplines of study and our staff provide assistance with the preparation and pursuit involved in securing a meaningful experience. The following is a sampling of the chemistry-related internships available.

BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY Cutting-edge research experiences in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI), Faculty and Student Team (FAST), and Pre-Service Teacher (PST) programs. Projects include new developments in energy research, novel materials, electrochemistry, and spectroscopy, including the Laser Electron Accelerator Facility (LEAF).

C. BRODERICK Environmental company gives students experience with analytical equipment and protocols.

HEMPSTEAD HARBOR PROTECTION COMMITTEE (HHPC) Students gain real world experience and contacts and get a chance to improve the environment around them.

MANHASSET BAY PROTECTION COMMITTEE (MBPC) Collect samples and transport them to laboratory for processing, computerize results and analyze them for water quality indicators such as nutrients and suspended solids, pathogens, and volatile organic compounds; produce report summarizing findings and comparing them to existing dry weather data. Rain Event Testing, Western Nassau County Improving the Predictive Power of Water Quality Monitoring

THE NATURE CONSERVANCY Coastal Conservation, Coastal Plain Ponds, Pine Barrens: Opportunities for various scientific research projects. Education interns create exhibits relative to the conservation on the Atlantic Coast and Peconic Bay, integrate design ideas and educational displays.

TANGRAM COMPANY LLC Production Chemist – Intern: Work in the production plant to perform sampling for the cleaning validation program.

OSI PHARMACEUTICALS OSI is a leading biotechnology company primarily focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of high quality pharmaceutical products that extend life or improve the quality-of-life for cancer and diabetes patients worldwide. Internships generally last 12 weeks. Interns become part of a team, work on challenging projects, actively participate in meetings giving them exposure to key business areas, mentoring by OSI employees, and present a project report to peers, supervisors, and senior management. Cancer Chemistry Department

OAK RIDGE INSTITUTE FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION Project areas include Environmental Compliance and Planning, Cultural Resources, Natural Resources, Range Management, and Geographical Information Systems.

STUDENT CONSERVATION ASSOCIATION (SCA) SCA is a national nonprofit dedicated to changing lives through service to nature. SCA positions span the diverse landscapes of our country and offers internships in over 50 disciplines and in all 50 states. Positions vary from 12 weeks to 12 months and include: paid travel to and from the site; a biweekly stipend; valuable training & certifications; and, possible academic credit.

SUFFOLK COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES (SCDHS)  Interns conduct chemical analyses in either the crime laboratory (forensic chemistry) or the environmental laboratory (water quality analyses). Recent internships include study of West Nile virus and impacts of pesticides on the estuaries. SCDHS has state of the art instrumentation and has long-established sampling stations in the South Shore Estuary and Peconic Bay.

U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Students gain work experience directly related to their academic field of study. They are exposed to the mission and work of the USGS and the benefits and conditions of Federal employment.

Recent Dowling Internships
These are some of our most recent internships:

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Bachelors level chemists are employed in a wide variety of private industries and governmental entities, and are prepared for graduate study in chemistry and related fields such as engineering, medicine, and the environment. Employment specialties in the private sector, government, and academia are agricultural and food chemistry, alternative energy, astrochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, biochemistry, chemical ecology, chemical education, chemical evolution, chemical oceanography, chemical physics, computer science/modeling, cosmetics, drug discovery, energy alternatives, forensics, environmental testing, gems and minerology, geochemistry, industrial hygiene, marine science, materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, nutrition science, patent law, petrochemistry, pharmacology, radiodating, sales and marketing, and solid state materials.

A recent survey by the American Chemical Society (ACS) reports that the national median salary of all their members with a bachelors degree was $72,000 per year; with a masters degree $85,000; and with a Ph.D. $102,000, and that the unemployment rate of member chemists is less than 3%. The ACS survey indicates that recent chemistry graduates with a bachelor’s degree earned a median starting salary of $40,000, with a masters degree $55,000, and with a Ph.D. $75,000. Among bachelors degree graduates, those who had completed internships or had other work experience while in school commanded the highest starting salaries. Salaries in the New York Metropolitan area are higher than the national medians above.

Where Our Graduates Are

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