School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences is proud to work with individuals interested in making the world a better place by contributing to society through a vast array of careers, such as art and poetry or by exploring and preserving our natural environment.

Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

Express yourself and forge your own path through a curriculum that celebrates individualism and prepares you for a life of leadership and civic responsibility. From history, psychology, creative writing and romance languages, to visual arts, graphic design and music, you can hone your skills in the classroom and in a host of club activities, campus performances and exhibitions.

The Sciences

Studying Earth & Marine Sciences, Environmental Science, Chemistry or Biology affords you unique opportunities to work closely with esteemed professors in the lab and on important research projects across Long Island and around the globe. Renowned beaches and unique forests accentuate our coral lab and other on-campus venues to make Dowling College the perfect forum for studying a breadth of sciences.

Dr. Brian Stipelman
Dean – School of Arts and Sciences
(631) 244-1129
School of Arts & Sciences
KSC 127