School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences prepares students for careers in fields that range from medicine and environmental science, to law and global leadership; from psychology and social work, to graphic/video game design and creative writing (e.g., writing ad copy or young adult novels). The School of Arts & Sciences also prepares future teachers and business executives by providing training in writing, speaking, data analysis, and mathematics to all our undergraduates, and by providing content training for future educators. In fact, many private corporations prefer their future employees to major in Arts & Sciences because this background focuses primarily on analytic and communication skills that are essential in the public and private sector. Whether their goals are to build a successful career, a better world or both, we have programs that can help them achieve that goal. No matter whether their major is Biology, Communications, History or any of our twenty-five degree programs, they will work closely with nationally recognized experts in the classroom, in the lab and in the field, and forge relationships that will help them transition into graduate school or launch careers.

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Division of Arts and Humanities

The study of the arts and humanities is the study of how people use art, drama, literature, media, music, philosophy, and religion to understand and interpret human experiences. Within the school, students can major in Communication Arts, English, Graphic Design, Languages, Music, Philosophy, and Visual Arts.

Career outcomes typically focus on work that requires some form of communication, be it visual communication through art and design, written communication (creative writing, editing, journalism) or verbal communication, as well as a sophisticated understanding of how human beings think and the ability to engage in analytic and critical reasoning—all skills that are the hallmarks of effective leadership in both the public and private sector.

Division of Math and Sciences

Studying Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Marine Sciences, Environmental Science, or Math affords the student the unique opportunities to interact closely with our esteemed faculty. In the classroom, faculty use imaginative and innovative approaches that not only communicate critical information, but also make the scientific topics come alive for the student. In the research laboratories, nationally renowned scientists at Dowling allow students to be involved in exciting, ground-breaking research.

The division of Math and Sciences serves as a gateway into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), lucrative professions that are constantly changing the world. Whether the students wish to become involved in medicine and human health, address issues of environmental sustainability, or learn to write the computer code that runs the world, their path begins with one of our math or science programs.

Division of Social Sciences

The study of social science is the study of human interactions.  Why are societies structured the way they are? Why do people treat each other the way they do?  Who has power and what do they do with it?  If students want to understand how social phenomena impact people’s lives, they want to study social science.

Each program within social science studies a different aspect of human interaction, be it economic, historical, political, social, or psychological.  The career opportunities touch upon every aspect of human life–whether students want to practice psychology, become social workers, get involved in business, go to law school, teach, or work for the government or non-profit organizations.  The analytic and creative thinking, the written and verbal communication skills, and practical knowledge they will learn in our social science majors will prepare them to become leaders in any field.

Dr. Brian Stipelman

Dean – School of Arts and Sciences
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School of Arts & Sciences
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