Pre-Health Advising and Preparation

Dowling College offers all the necessary coursework needed to prepare students to enter health professional schools, as well as the advising you need to ensure you make the right decisions.

The health professions are lucrative and rewarding, but they require dedication, work, and planning. Your undergraduate degree will not qualify you for a degree in the field, but taking the right classes ensures that you’ve met the necessary coursework required for entry into graduate licensing programs such:

  • Dental School
  • Medical School
  • Occupational Therapy School
  • Physician’s Assistant School
  • Veterinary School

While you can major in any field and still apply for health professional programs, students generally find it easiest to major in biology, as the majority of required courses are in biology. The exception to this is for students interested in preparing for entry into occupational therapy programs where there are fewer biology classes needed and we therefore recommend you work towards a B.S. in Liberal and Professional Studies. The important thing is to ensure you take, through your major requirements, core, and electives, all the prerequisite courses required for health professional schools.

Please be mindful that simply taking these classes does not guarantee you admission into any health professional school. Our Pre-Professional Health curriculum ensures that you have taken all the prerequisites, but your grades, letters of recommendation, extracurricular experiences (such as volunteering or internships), and scores on professional entrance exams such as the MCAT will determine whether or not you are admitted to any individual program.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions you are urged to contact our Pre-Health advisor, Dr. Christopher Boyko (; 631-244-3182)