Master of Business Administration Public Management

Master of Business Administration Public Management

(HEGIS 0506)

Public Management is an evolving science that covers complex issues in not-for-profit institutions and government. Each public sector and not-for-profit manager must be equipped with the necessary tools to navigate the legal, technological, economic, and social changes that their institutions face in the 21st century. Although government and public institutions have seen staffs trimmed and important departments cut, this program will be available to assist managers in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the tools needed to improve the quality and results of public management.

Category I. MBA Business Core Requirements (Foundational Courses) = 18 credits 

MGT 6213 Public Finance 3
MGT 6233 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
ACC 6241 Managerial Accounting -“or” 3
ACC 6242* Governmental and Non Profit Accounting
MGT 6220 Public Sector Economics 3
MKT 6252 Marketing Management -“or” 3
MKT 6253 Not-for-profit Marketing
CIS 6261 Information Technology for Managers 3
* Students planning to sit for the NY CPA examination are required to take ACC 6242, rather than ACC 6241

Category II. Public Management Major Requirements = 12 credits 

MGT 6302 Workforce Management for Human Resource Professionals 3
MGT 6311 Administrative Law -“or” 3
MGT 6322 Globalization and Governmental Issues Related to Business
MGT 6312 Evaluation of Programs in the Public Sector 3
MGT 6314 Public Sector Management 3

Category III. Capstone Requirement (select from among one of the following options) = 6 credits 

MGT 6392/6393 Internship “or” 6
MGT 6394 Global Business Strategy “or”
MGT 6395/6396 Management Consulting Experience “or”
MGT 6397/6398 Thesis
Program Total: 36 credits

To find out more about Dowling’s Public Management M.B.A. program please contact Dr. Haller at 631-244-3442 or