Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management

Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management

(HEGIS 1202)

The Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management has been designed to address the education requirements of a growing number of health care industry executive positions. The overall objective of this 36-credit degree program is to provide students with a foundation in health care management, finance and delivery systems. Students will learn to apply fundamental health care management concepts in the realm of real world, unstructured decision-making situations. Students will also gain an understanding of how financial, ethical and social consequences of a rapidly changing and diverse global economic environment effect health care related issues. The capstone course permits students to choose from among an internship, a management simulation, or a thesis. Moreover, the capstone allows students to customize their program to some extent, and provides the opportunity for experiential learning.

The M.B.A. in Health Care Management combines management skills in the business core with technical skills in the concentration area courses. This distinguishes Dowling’s approach from that taken by most institutions and provides a more rounded management education in line with that being called for by the industry. A recent economic survey conducted by Long Island Business News reports that 14% growth is expected in the health care industry on Long Island, which has 26 hospitals, five managed care facilities and 84 nursing homes and related agencies employing over 70,000 people. Graduates of the program can aspire to such executive positions within the health care industry as CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, and Executive Directors of hospitals and managed care organizations.

The Master of Business Administration programs at Dowling College are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and have been approved by and duly registered with the New York State Education Department.

For additional program information, please contact Dowling’s School of Business at 631-244-3266 or email: For application information, contact Dowling’s Office of Admissions at 631-244-3303.

I. Business Core required 18 credits

ACC 6243 Health Care Management Accounting 3
FIN 6212 Financial Management 3
CIS 6261 Information Technology for Managers 3
MGT 6204 Excellence in Organizations: Behavior, Leadership and Quality 3
MGT 6302 Workforce Management for Professionals 3
MKT 6252 Marketing Management 3

II. Health Care Management Concentration Requirements 12 credits

MGT 6439 Health Care Delivery System 3
MGT 6535 Integrated Health Care Management 3
MGT 6543 Health Law, Public Policy and Medical Ethics 3
FIN 6390 Health Care Finance 3

III. Capstone Requirements (select one from the following) 6 credits

MGT 6392/6393 Internship in Health Care Management or
MGT 6397/6398 Thesis in Health Care Management or
MGT 6490/6491 Consulting Project in Health Care Management 6

Program Total: 36 credits

To find out more about Dowling’s Health Care Management M.B.A. program please contact Dr. Haller at 631-244-3442 or