Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management

Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management

(HEGIS 0599)

The air transport industry plays a vital role in today’s global society. As the primary mode of long-distance transport within and between nations, air transport has become a crucial facilitator of economic activity. Liberalization, technological change, and falling trade barriers are some of the trends that have ensured that we are living in an increasingly global society. By facilitating the movement of people and goods, air transport acts as a catalyst and contributes to the world’s economies.

As a result, airlines and other aviation-related organizations are facing an increasingly complex, dynamic and competitive marketplace. Increasing revenues and cutting costs demands an awareness of “state-of-the-industry” thinking as well as real-world strategies and techniques.

The Dowling College MBA in Aviation Management enables business professionals to earn their degree without interrupting their careers. This unique program provides students with an understanding of the airline industry, the challenges and issues it faces, while simultaneously providing the aviation industry with what it needs most; aviation management graduates who understand the intricacies of the air transport business.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and if you are contemplating a career change – consider becoming eligible for employment consideration as an FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist. Complete Dowling College’s MBA in Aviation Management plus four additional undergraduate courses offered in the Dowling College School of Aviation! You will learn about the increasingly complex, dynamic and competitive marketplace within which the aviation industry functions and the FAA performs its regulatory obligations. An MBA in Aviation Management will position you to work in any sector of the aviation industry…add the four undergraduate FAA AT-CTI courses offered in the School of Aviation and you will qualify for employment consideration by the FAA, as an air traffic control specialist! You could become an air traffic control specialist or part of the management team that ensures that our air transportation system remains the safest in the world.

I. Business Core 

ACC 6241 Managerial Accounting or
ACC 6242* Governmental and Non Profit Accounting
CIS 6261 Information Technologies for Managers
FIN 6212 Financial Management
MGT 6204 Excellence in Organizations: Behavior, Leadership and Quality
MGT 6233 Quantitative Methods in Business
MKT 6252 Marketing Management

*Students planning to sit for the NY CPA examination are required to take ACC 6242, rather than ACC 6241.

II. Aviation Management Concentration 12 credits 

AVM 6361 Economics, Marketing, and Financial Management within the Aviation Industry
AVM 6362 Strategic Planning/Management within the Aviation Industry
AVM 6363 Operations Management in the Aviation Industry
AVM 6364 Government Impact and Current Issues in the Aviation Industry

III. Select one 6-credit Capstone course from the followling: 

AVM 6392/6393 Internship or
MGT 6394 Global Business Strategy or
MGT 6395/6396 The Management Consulting Experience or
AVM 6397/6398 Thesis

Program Total: 36 credits

To find out more about Dowling’s Aviation Management M.B.A. program please contact Dr. Haller at 631-244-3442 or