Forms & Policies



Student Handbook
Change of Personal Details 
Release for Disclosure of Educational Records
Dowling License Plate Order Form
Transcript Request Form
Transcript Request Reason Form
Right and Responsibilities Summary Checklist
Application for Readmission
Immunization Certificate & Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccination Response Form
Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources
Copyright Policy

New Student Paperwork:
New Student Document Checklist
Specialized Aviation Program Requirement Form
New Semester Availability Form
Underage Consent Form
No Show Policy
FAA Medical Examiners (Read-only/Printable)

International Students:
 Change of Address Card
Sevis I-20 Application

Tuition Repayment & Other Bursar Forms:
Tuition Repayment Agreement
Employer Sponsored Tuition Repayment Agreement
Web Form Itemized Bill Request Form

Registration Form
Add/Drop Class Form
Change of Major Form – Undergraduate Studies
Change of Major Form – Graduate Studies
Dowling College Diploma Re-Issue Application
Maintenance of Matriculation Form
Academic Standards Committee (ASC) Student Petition Form & Info
Faculty Development & Curriculum Committee (FDCC) Student Petition Form
Independent Study Application
Permission to enter closed section form
Minor Declaration Form
Second major declaration (for Elementary Ed.)
Web Graduation Application for Graduate Student
Web Graduation Application for Undergraduate Student
Web Withdrawal Form College
Web Withdrawal Form Courses
Application for Department Honors Courses
Repeating Courses Policy
Request to Earn Undergraduate Dowling Credits at Another Institution
Academic Adviser Form

Residence Life:
Web Dorm Work Request Form
Residence Hall Intent to Return Form

File Work Study Student Employment Guidelines
Web Federal Work Study Program
Work Study Employment Application
File Graduate Assistant Guidelines
File Graduate Assistant Application
Cooperative Education/Internship Application and Agreement
Student Time Sheet
How to access your W2 and online pay stub
Manual Check Payroll Deduction Form
The Sport Management Internship Handbook

Financial Aid:
Federal Title IV Authorization Form
Guidelines For The Acceptance of Financial Aid Form
Business Supplement Form for Verification
Rental Income Worksheet For Verification
Summer Loan Request Form
Reduce or Decline Federal Loan Form
Change of Financial Circumstance
Federal Waiver Request Form
Aid for Part-time Study Application
Q & A Form for Summer Pell
Dowling College’s Designated and Endowed Scholarship Application
Shepard-Gunn Scholarship Application
Public Service Grant Eligibility Form
HIA Eligibility Form
Direct Loan Master Promissory Note Instructions
TEACH Grant Entrance & Agreement Instructions
Stafford & Perkins “Combined” Entrance Counseling Directions
Stafford & Perkins “Combined” Exit Counseling Directions
Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan Processing Instructions
Federal Parent Plus Loan Application Process
Stafford and Graduate PLUS “Combined” Entrance Counseling Directions
Stafford and Graduate PLUS “Combined” Exit Counseling Directions
Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan Processing Instructions
Consortium Agreement
Federal Loan Consolidation Tips on Applying for Financial Aid
Private Loan Acknowledgement Form
TAP Waiver Form

2014-2015 Verification Worksheets:
2014-2015 Child Support Verification Worksheet V3 – Dependent Student
2014-2015 Child Support Verification Worksheet V3 – Independent Student
2014-2015 Custom Verification Worksheet V4 – Dependent Student
2014-2015 Custom Verification Worksheet V4 – Independent Student
2014-2015 High School Completion Status Worksheet V4 & V5
2014-2015 Household Resources Verification Worksheet V6 – Dependent Student
2014-2015 Household Resources Verification Worksheet V6 – Independent Student
2014-2015 Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Worksheet V4 & V5
2014-2015 Verification Worksheet V1 & V5 – Dependent Student
2014-2015 Verification Worksheet V1 & V5 – Independant Student

2015-2016 Verification Worksheets:
2015-2016 Child Support Verification Worksheet Dependent Student V3

2015-2016 Child Support Verification Worksheet Independent Student V3

2015-2016 Custom Verification Worksheet Dependent Student V4

2015-2016 Custom Verification Worksheet Independent Student V4

2015-2016 High School Completion Status V4,V5

2015-2016 Household Resources Verification Worksheet Dependent Student V6

2015-2016 Statement of Educational Purpose Worksheet Master V4,V5

2015-2016 Verification Worksheet Dependent Student V1,V5

2015-2016 Verification Worksheet Independent Student V1,V5

Institutional Review Board Documents:
(A copy of your proposal must be submitted electronically to the IRB Chair.)

File Intelligent Scholars Guide
File Flow Chart
File Research Guidelines
File IRB Application Form
File Class Practicum Form
File NIH Certification

School of Aviation:
Dowling Navigation Log & Flight Plan Form
Check Flight Schedules
Weight & Balance Form

School of Education:
Cooperating Teacher Handbook
Field Supervisor Handbook
Educational Administration Internship Handbook