Early College Program (ECP)

Students from any high school can get an early start on their college education through Dowlings High School Transition Program. Take classes during your junior or senior years evening and weekend class times are available or during the summer following your junior year.

Dowling College now offers its Early College Program (ECP) to students in 11 high schools. If your school does not offer Dowling’s ECP, you can still get an affordable jump on your college education with Dowling’s High School Transition Program.

Early College Program (ECP) students receive college credit for their coursework while satisfying the requirements for high school graduation. Most high schools require a guidance counselor’s approval and a GPA of 3.0 or better to participate. Classes are taught by high school teachers who meet Dowling’s academic requirements. The syllabus for the course is checked against what is taught at the College to make sure the coursework is equivalent. When a student successfully completes a course, their grade is posted to their college transcript and is transferable to virtually all colleges and universities. We recommend that students contact the college they are interested in attending to discuss specific transfer credit policies of that institution.

Credits earned in the ECP may count toward your college degree depending upon the program of study, including major and minor, at Dowling or any other college. Degree programs, such as Education, have very specific requirements with little room for free electives. Consult with Enrollment Services at Dowling College about how many credits are likely to be applied toward any specific degree.

Benefits of the ECP are numerous. Students find it much less intimidating to begin college-level work side-by-side with their peers in familiar classrooms. What’s more, the confidence gained in completing these advanced courses empowers students to continue their education. Parents especially like the financial savings.

Many ECP students have chosen to continue their education at Dowling after graduation from high school and those pursuing a full-time program will receive the early college program scholarship during their first year as a Dowling student. Many also receive substantial academic scholarships.

Students must have the approval of their guidance counselor to participate. If you are interested in the Early College Program, contact Victoria Herrmann at 631-244-3082 or send an email to HerrmanV@dowling.edu.