Department Honors

Departmental Honors gives students with senior status the opportunity to participate in advanced work under the supervision of a faculty member in their major department or program. Departments that have criteria that meet College-wide standards are able to offer Departmental Honors to academically qualified students with an overall GPA of 3.6 and above. Departmental Honors involves substantial original independent research, creative endeavor, and/or other scholarly activity in the field. The honors project should provide deeper engagement in the major field of study.

Departmental Honors involves a six-credit Honors Project sequence, generally taken in two consecutive semesters. Each project is to be given a course title and supervised by a faculty mentor from the appropriate
department. Both the course title and faculty mentor must be indicated on the application. A student must earn at least an A– in both courses in order to receive Departmental Honors. The first three credit course must be completed with at least an A– in order to continue.

Programs offering Departmental Honors and the specific requirements of their Honors Projects are listed under each major in the catalog.

Undergraduate students must apply to the department chair of their major. Excluding courses in progress during that semester, students must have earned at least 60 credits. Students must have earned at least
15 credits in the discipline at Dowling College and must have an overall G.P.A. of 3.6 and above at the time of application. Appeals and waivers of requirements for candidacy may be made to the Faculty Development and Curriculum Committee (FDCC) for that Department, c/o the relevant Department Chair. Students must also have an overall G.P.A. of 3.6 and above at the time of graduation in order to receive Departmental Honors.

Please submit completed and signed applications to the Registrar’s Office for course registration.

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