Tutor Services Policies

Tutors will…

  • help you to improve your understanding of a subject.
  • assist you in preparing for an examination.
  • show you how to read and study more effectively.
  • help you at any stage of the assignment (from inception to due date). The earlier you come, the more we can help.

Tutors will not…

  • work on take-home exams without your instructor’s written permission.
  • evaluate or disagree with professors’ grades or comments. Our goal is to support the classroom experience by helping students improve their understanding of a subject.
  • complete assignments for you.

To get the most out of your tutoring session…

  • bring a written copy of the assignment, relevant class notes, books, and research materials if you need help with a paper or homework.
  • come prepared to discuss the areas in which you would like assistance.