Health Services

Does The Law Apply To Me ?
The new law applies to college students born on or after January 1, 1957.
If you were born prior to January 1, 1957, you are exempt.
Offsite campus students are NOT exempt.

What Steps Should I Take To Comply ?

  1. Bring the Certificate of Immunizations to your physician or health care provider. The form can be completed, signed and stamped by your physician or health care provider based on information that is already on file or you can obtain the required immunization shots.
  2. Return the completed, signed, stamped certificate of Immunizations to the Health Office, Room 209A RC.

What Are Acceptable Certificates Of Immunization ? 
Acceptable documentation includes signed and stamped certificates from physician, a copy of the immunization portion of a cumulative health record from a prior school, a migrant health record, a union health record, a community health plan record, a signed immunization transfer card, a military dependent’s “shot” record, the immunization portion of a passport, or an immunization record card. These documents must bear a stamp and signature from health care provider or health care facility.

What Happens To Me If I Don’t Comply ? 
If the law applies to you and you fail to comply, you will not be permitted to be registered, to attend classes or to have grades forwarded. The Registrar will also refuse future registration privileges until you submit the required proof of immunization.

Should I Retain A Copy Of My Immunization Form ? 
Because proof of immunization will be required to attend all colleges in New York State, it would be wise to have several copies available for future use. Therefore we suggest that you make several copies of your Immunization Certificate before submitting the original.