Dowling’s 10th Practical Research Symposium

We are so excited about Dowling’s 10th Practical Research Symposium on March 28 – Dr. Pritchard is recognized as the world’s best mentor, as he mentored 3 Nobel prize winners of Physics, and he will be our keynote speaker!

Every year, we add something new to the symposium, and this year we have added a panel of business representatives from Long Island. These founders have created multi-million dollar industries on Long Island using research and mentoring. Last year, we added a Personal Branding Workshop and because of its success, we will have it again this year.

We also have international visitors, a commission of 30 Mexican executives;  high school honors, and little inventors. They are coming to meet Dr. Pritchard, our keynote, and learn from our researchers.

Our symposium theme is “Mentors and Leaders,” and researchers will be presenting topics related to mentoring, k-12 innovations, higher education, and instructional leadership. Proceedings and the program can be accessed at

Please come early at 8 a.m. to enjoy a continental breakfast, chat, and network.

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